Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zen Studios launches new Star Wars Video Pin Ball Game

I lost a lot of laundry money in college throwing quarters into the Star Wars pinball machine on campus but it was well worth occassionally wearing some dirty clothes an extra week for the blast I had playing that game.  Zen Studios is launching a brand new video game this week that will give you unlimited play of a cool Star Wars themed pin ball table for under $3. Wow! I used to spend that much in an afternoon playing on the mechanical maching in the student lounge. This game should be even better than that older game providing you the fun of playing a mechanical machine combined with great special effects that can only be incorporated into a digital environment. 
Star Wars video pin ball will feature 3 themed tables: Empire Strikes Back, Clone Wars & Boba Fett. It appears you can buy them individually or as a combined package. Additional tables will be introduced later that can be purchased as add-ons at an additional cost. I'm really revved up to purchase this new  pin ball game myself after seeing this promo video for the Boba Fett table:
As you can see from the Boba Fett trailer, by reaching certain scores or hitting various patterns on the table you can trigger 3D special effects and video segments during the game.  You can tell that Zen Studios didn't just throw this game together to make some money using the Star Wars name from this trailer as it really appears some great production work went into this game.  The Empire Strikes Back pin ball table appears to even have more 3D sequences that include a Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader lightsaber duel and the AT-AT invasion of the rebel base on Hoth. 
I'm not a big fan of the 3 prequel movies and the Clone Wars tv show - those battle droids are just so annoying and we won't go into Jar Jar Binks but I have to admit from looking at the trailer for that pin ball table I'm pretty impressed by the artwork and special effects in that game.  It looks really fun to play which is what is nice about these video pin ball games is that they appear to be designed so that you don't have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy them but if you are a fan you'll probably love it!
Zen Studios' has posted the following about the release of Star Wars Pin Ball on their website:
It will be available on Tuesday February 26 on the PlayStation Network for download to PlayStation 3 & Playstation Vita for $9.99 for a package with all three tables.
It will be available on Wednesday February 27 to download on XboxLive for the Xbox360 through the Pinball FX2 game for 800 MSPs.
You can download the tables individually through the IOS-based Zen Pinball game for your iPad, iPhone or iTouch for $1.99 per table as of February 27.
You can download the tables individually for Mac App store through Zen Pinball 2 game for your  for $2.99 per table as of February 27.
Will be available on February 27 for $1.99 per table through Zen Pinball HD Google Play.
It also appears that you can purchase the Star Wars tables as a stand alone pinball game called Star Wars Pinball  on Apple App Store and through Google Play from the Zen Studios posted information. 
Check out www.starwarspinball.com for more information about the game, its pricing and to see some neat screen shot previews.

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