Friday, April 20, 2018


Avengers Assemble! Marvel's Avengers are assembling to tackle their cinematic universe's greatest threat yet in the new movie Infinity War.  How will they fare versus the dreaded Thanos?!  Marvel fans have been waiting years for this movie to hit theaters, and now the time has almost come!

Avengers: Infinity War comes out April 27th and to help celebrate this release, A Geek Daddy is co-hosting a marvelous Avengers: Infinity War prize pack worth over $300!!!  Wouldn't is be amazing to win all these goodies!

Avengers: Infinity War Prize Pack Includes:

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About Avengers: Infinity War

Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the Avengers unite to battle the evil Thanos. On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality. The fate of the Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain. All of the battles fought by the Avengers have led up to this moment.

See Avengers: Infinity War in Theaters 4/27

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Thursday, April 19, 2018


Imagine out of this world adventures with the nano SPACE COSMIC COMMAND playset from HEXBUG.  This fun playset that was a finalist for the 2018 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards combines three of my son's favorite things ... bugs, robots and outer space.  Blast off to adventure with the nano SPACE COSMIC COMMAND which includes a space station, explorer rover and rocket ship along with a pair of robotic nano HEXBUGS.

HEXBUG nanos are tiny, collectible, robotic creatures that use the physics of vibration to propel themselves.  Powered by a tiny motor and 12 fixed, angular legs these critters traverse about the environment around them.  Watch as they explore the maze-like layout of the SPACE COSMIC COMMAND buildings.

Features of the SPACE COSMIC COMMAND  include air lock tunnels, an elevator, gravity trainer, communications and scanning dish, along with an ion cannon.  This playset isn't just for watching nanos explore it but also to get kids engaging in imaginative play.  Pretend a nano is getting accustomed to the stresses of rocketing into outer space by spinning it around in the gravity trainer. Protect the base from invaders with the ion cannon.  Explore alien environments by entering and exiting the space station through its air locks.

There are also a number of accessories that come with the playset that compliment the space station.  Snap on one of the included space suits to a nano to give it an astronaut looking appearance.  Put a nano underneath one of the explorer rovers that can be customized with snap-on parts for a variety of different looks to have the creature drive the vehicle across the ground.  Pretend to fly the rocket ship with a nano placed inside the cockpit.

Designed to spark kids' interest in the science behind space exploration, HEXBUG nano SPACE COSMIC COMMAND provides hours of entertaining playtime that promote an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) topics while children are having fun.  My son has been having a great time playing with the nanos and all the accessories, structures and vehicles that are included in this playset.  This toy has captured his interest and imagination so the HEXBUG nano SPACE COSMIC COMMAND playset has earned A GEEK DADDY nod of approval.


To share my future astronauts enjoyment with this playset, A GEEK DADDY is giving a HEXBUG nano SPACE COSMIC COMMAND to one lucky winner.  It has a suggested retail price of approximately $50.00 and is recommend for children ages 3 and up. Batteries for the nano toys are included. Who wants it?!

Just complete the rafflecopter entries below before 11:59 pm ET on Friday, May 11, 2018 for a chance to be our randomly selected winner.  Must be a United States resident over 18 years old to be eligible for the prize and yes we do check to verify that you actually completed the actions requested in the rafflecopter form.  Must reply to notification of winning the prize within 48 hours to accept it or another entrant will be selected. Good luck to all our entrants!

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Share a bedtime story with a little one read to them by an astronaut on the International Space Station through Story Time From Space.  While orbiting the Earth, astronauts are videotaping themselves reading children's books as a project of the Global Space Education Foundation.  Parents can watch these videos online with their kids before tucking them in bed for the night.

Videos average about fifteen minutes and are a nice way to make bedtime a little different while promoting teachable lessons.  In addition to enjoying some children's books with STEM themed stories, these videos also provides a glimpse inside the International Space Station.  You notice astronaut Kate Rubins with crazy hair from the lack of gravity as she reads ROSIE REVERE, ENGINEER by Andrea Beaty and then she does a flip in zero-G as she concludes the book.  While Koichi Wakata in his video reading THE WIZARD WHO SAVED THE WORLD shows a glimpse of the Earth as the space station passes over the Pacific Ocean.

Other books paired with astronauts in the video series include MAX GOES TO JUPITER read by Michael Hopkins, ENDEAVOR'S LONG JOURNY read by Tim Kopra, NOTABLE NOTEBOOKS read by Joseph Acaba, and THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE A SUNSET read by Mark Vande Hei.

Watch these bedtime story videos at or on their YouTube channel. Intermixed with facts about space along with glimpses inside and outside the International Space Station, these bedtime stories are a great way to send a kid off to sleep. Story Time From Space absolutely gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Celebrate Earth Day with a Little Help from Ranger Rob

Spend Earth Day (April 22) with Ranger Rob learning some conservation tips while joining him on a fun adventure. RANGER ROB is an animated television show on Canada's Treehouse children's programming cable network that can also be seen on Sprout, which has recently been rebranded as NBCUniversal's cable kids channel UniversalKids, in the United States.  It shares the adventures of an enthusiastic park ranger who LOVES going outside to PLAY, EXPLORE, and DISCOVER in Big Sky Park.  The show provides an entertaining way to educate children about the importance of taking care of the environment, recycling, and preserving the place we call HOME.  RANGER ROB also incorporates teachable moments on topics such as teamwork and friendship.

Ranger Rob shared with A Geek Daddy his top 5 tips he wants kids to keep in mind for Earth Day:

Tune in to Treehouse TV and Sprout on April 22 for some special Ranger Rob programming. Universal Kids will be showing a RANGER ROB Earth Day special at 9am (EST) that will be repeating at 3:30pm.  Treehouse will be showing a RANGER ROB Marathon from 3:15pm - 6:60pm (ET).  Enjoy Earth Day with Ranger Rob on April 22!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

threezero Walking Dead Action Figures

Fans of The Walking Dead television show won't want to miss out on a new batch of sixth scale action figures coming out from threezero that are being distributed in North America by Sideshow Collectibles.  The toys intricately replicate the appearance of three of this Walking Dead fan's favorite characters ... Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee, and Negan.  These are great for decorating home game rooms, theaters and offices or just having some fun playing around with them recreating favorite scenes from the AMC series.

Purchase any of these sixth scale figures through an affiliate link on this blog and A Geek Daddy will receive a small commission from your order from Sideshow Collectibles at no additional charge to what you would have otherwise paid.  If these sixth scale replica figures catch your fancy, I recommend you preorder them.  The previously released figures in threezero's AMC The Walking Dead television series collection, Rick Grimes, Merle Dixon and Michonne sold out quickly so don't wait when it comes to getting your hands on Daryl, Glenn or Negan.


Featuring the face of Steven Yeun who played the role of Glenn Rhee on the television show, this The Walking Dead figure is articulated for posing and stands approximately 11.5" tall.  Wearing tailored clothing based upon the character's appearance on the show that include boots, pants with belt and a long sleeved shirt, the sixth scale figure also includes four pairs of interchangeable hands that include relaxed hands, fists, gun holding hands and knife holding hands.  Provided accessories are a pistol, AR-15 assault rifle, knife, gun holster and sheath. The Walking Dead Glenn Rhee The Walking Dead Sixth Scale Figure


This Daryl Dixon figure has a realistic likeness of Norman Reedus who portrays the character on television.  It is articulated for posing, has three pairs of interchangeable hands (relaxed, knife holding + crossbow/gun holding) and stands approximately 12" tall.  He is dressed in weathered clothing like in the AMC television series with a sleeveless shirt, faux leather vest, jeans and boots.  Plus comes with his trademark crossbow, poncho, knife and a pistol with detachable magazine. The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Sixth Scale Figure


Jeffrey Dean Morgan's portrayal of Negan in The Walking Dead is replicated with an uncanny likeness in this sixth scale collectible figure from threezero.  This 12" tall articulated action figure includes 7 interchangeable hands (relaxed right glove hand + bare left hand, gripped right glove hand for gun holding, gripped right glove hand and left bare hand for holding 'Lucille', gloved right open hand, and bare left hand fist) along with two versions of his infamous baseball bat (plastic with embossed wire + woodcast with DIY iron wire).  The figure is dressed in tailored clothing that includes a faux leather jacket, long sleeved t-shirt, pants with belt, bandana and boots.  In addition to Lucille, the figure also comes with a Colt 1911 pistol with detachable magazine and a hatchet. The Walking Dead Negan The Walking Dead Sixth Scale Figure 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


As a kid who enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons and reading fantasy adventures about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, it was always a thrill to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts where I could get a close up look at real suits of armor.  They're still one of my favorite things to see at the DIA and now my son joins me in my enthusiasm of this display when we go on a family trip to the museum. These suit of armor have been on exhibit for generations of visitors to appreciate since the William Randolph Hearst Foundation donated items from the tycoon's personal collection to the DIA in 1953 following his death.

The Detroit Institute of Arts' William Randolph Hearst Collection of Arms and Armor includes ten suits of fifteenth through seventeenth century armor along with twenty-five other accessories and weapons that go along with them from this time period.  Over the years other donors have also added to the collection. The museum showcases selections from the collection within its Great Hall located adjacent to the Woodward Avenue entrance lobby and next to the Rivera Court which is home to the building's renowned "Detroit Industry" frescos. Imagine a horse galloping at you in full trot hoisting a man covered in shiny armor hoisting a lance or sword directed in your direction! These were the first tanks of warfare and must have been a sight to behold on medieval European battlefields.

Get an up close look at the ingenuity put into these hand-crafted suits of armor. Look at the one pictured below! Slits in the helmet are just big enough to provide the wearer with an adequate view to see through but small enough to protect a knight's eyes.  A metal rod attaches the helmet to the armor's lower back plate securing the head to avoid neck and spine injuries.  There are large screws and bolts across the suit so extra plates of armor can be mixed and matched as necessary for use in different circumstances.  This suit of armor weighs 88 pounds which is the average weight of a 12 year old boy.  How would you like to be riding a horse or fighting in hand to hand combat with the equivalent of a 7th grade kid strapped to your body?!

This next armored suit has a crest imprinted within its shoulder.  Called "heraldry" these symbols on suits of armor identify the family lineage of the person donning it.  Having a solid metal plate in front of your mouth must make it hard to speak while in a suit of armor.  This particular suit addresses that conundrum by inserting a voice box into the helmet.  Notice too how the armor on one shoulder is caped ... this is designed to provide more protection and aid deflection in the spot where a lance would be impacting the wearer during a joust.

A variety of daggers, maces and swords from the Middle Ages are also on display within the castle-like room of the Detroit Institute of Arts' Great Hall near several of the suits of armor that are on display.

There are also several early pistols and rifles on display within the Great Hall that are examples of the firearms that ushered out the age of knights in shining armor.  These Austrian, German and French weapons have elaborately engraved wooden stocks and were used during the sixteenth century when swords and guns were intermixed on the battlefield.  During this time a knight in armor on horseback may have charged an infantryman aiming a musket at him.

While the Detroit Institute of Arts is known for its displays of paintings and statues, it is also full of historic relics like these medieval suits of armor and weapons.  These items show the artistry and craftsmanship that are works of art in their own right.  Other relics within the more than 65,000 pieces in the DIA's permanent collection ranging from a mummy to an original Howdy Doody puppet. Items are regularly moved between being on exhibit and preserved in storage so there is always something to discover on a visit to this art museum.

For more information about admission pricing, directions to the museum, and
exhibits on display and parking arrangements, go to  Hey, like this tv commercial that I fondly remember from my childhood proclaims, "You gotta have art!"  I'd encourage you to go on a family outing to the Detroit Institute of Arts to take in all the awesomeness this place has to offer. You're sure to have a great time!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


One of our family's favorite soda flavors to drink is Rock & Rye from Faygo.  Faygo has been producing soft drinks since 1907 when two brothers who owned a Detroit bakery began transforming their cake frosting flavors into beverages.  This company's sodas are known for having a pop to their flavoring and are delicious drinks ... especially the Rock & Rye which is a combination of cream soda with cherry flavoring.

While Faygo Rock & Rye will always be a family favorite, we recently discovered a craft root beer from Cherry Republic, another great Michigan-based business, that I have to sing some praise for because it was simply amazing!  BOOM CHUGGA LUGGA! This stuff really is incredible!

Northwestern Michigan is home to some of the world's sweetest cherry orchards.  Cherry Republic shops have become a must stop destination for tourists to discover more than 175 products made from Michigan harvested cherries.  While exploring these stores you'll find cherry BBQ sauce, candies, jams, salsa, salad dressings and sodas.  You'll find Cherry Republic stores in Ann Arbor, Charlevoix, Frankenmuth, Glen Arbor, Traverse City, and across the street from George Lundeen's Joy of Music statutes at Holland's Alpenrose Park.  We bought some Cherry Republic Cherry Root Bear to bring home while in Holland, Michigan to visit the breeder who we are getting our new puppy from.

Made with Pure Michigan cherries and real cane sugar, Cherry Root Bear sure is delicious.  It has a refreshing root beer taste complimented with a cherry taste that is sweet but not overpowering.  I enjoyed it in a chilled glass bottle while eating some pizza and can only imagine how great it would be to drink it in a frozen mug or mix it with vanilla ice cream to make a tasty desert.  Take a sip and you'll be truly wowed at how good this stuff is.  Cherry Root Bear is a bit pricey but have to say I regret that kept me from buying a few more bottles during my visit.

Cherry Republic has a number of sodas to choose from in addition to its root beer including Black Cherry Cream Soda, Cherry Ginger Ale, Red Cherry Soda, and True Cherry Cola.  Coffee lovers will also appreciate their chocolate cherry coffee and if you are looking for something a bit more hardcore to drink they also have hard cider and wines available as well. Can't make it to a Cherry Republic store? They also sell online at