Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fun STAR TREK Parody of FROZEN Song

My Disney Princess crazed daughter was begging me the other day to take her to see the “Sing Along” version of the movie FROZEN the other day, I am really amazed how my 5 year old has the lyrics to the song LET IT GO memorized, and as I was looking online for show times stumbled across a really well done parody of my little girl’s favorite song that brought a smile to this Geek Daddy’s face.  A Toronto-based musical group called Debs & Errol have put together a very well done STAR TREK parody of LET IT GO based on the signature line of Captain Jean Luc Picard “Make is So.”  Check this out:

Debs and Errol have a youtube site which features 61 parodies, covers, and original songs.  Two of my favorites are their tribute to the Peanut’s Linus & Lucy and a STAR WARS parody of Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time” titled TIE AFTER TIE.  These two singers do a very talented job in providing enjoyable performances through the creation of a “geek” musical niche to market themselves and have some fun with their music. 

For more information about Debs and Errol check out their website, DEBSandERROL.COM, which also features a comic strip that profiles the comedic group's adventures with the music industry and their travels on the comic book & scifi convention circuit promoting their CD and website.

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