Thursday, March 27, 2014

Taco Bell's New Breakfast Menu Gets a Nice Endorsement from ... RONALD MCDONALD

Taco Bell launched a breakfast menu at its restaurants today with a fun teaser advertising campaign featuring no other than Ronald McDonald.  Check it out:

Of course the red haired clown wasn't going to endorse a new business rival, but this was a very creative ad campaign by Taco Bell's creative team that caught my attention and made me chuckle.  My wife loved it too as she texted me during the day to ask if I had scene the new Taco Bell ads yet.  Though my 5 yr old son was somewhat perplexed on why these people weren't wearing their costumes for the ad.  Hey if you can't beat the competition tease them! Kudos to Taco Bell for this great ad.

Am I going to swing by Taco Bell for breakfast now, probably not, but the advertisement did its job by getting my attention and some more buzz through this blog post.  Though I love their Doritos Tacos and Caramel Apple Empanadas, the new menu of grilled taco and burrito shells filled with eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese just doesn't seem like that appetizing of an option to me.  Though its CINNABON DELIGHTS 12 pack is very tempting!   So what do you think of Taco Bell entering the fast food breakfast arena?  Are you up to making an early morning run to Taco Bell?  I guess you don't need to get up too early though as they are serving breakfast until 11 am.

Check out the full Taco Bell breakfast menu here:

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