Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Win a Walk on Role in Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars is making its way back to the silver screen in 2015 and when millions of people flood theaters around the world to see it there is a chance they could see you in the movie!!!  Director J.J. Abrams is giving away a chance for one lucky fan to win a walk on role as an extra in the film through a partnership with UNICEF'S Innovation Labs and Programs and website called STAR WARS: FORCE FOR CHANGE.

From May 21 through July 18, 2014 people can visit and make a donation to support UNICEF.  Based upon the amount of money donated you can receive various reward prizes and entries for the walk on role as an extra in Star Wars Episode VII.  Disney has pledged $1 million dollars to cover the expense of the FORCE FOR CHANGE rewards and costs so that all of the money raised from fan donations goes to the charity.  If you would like to enter the sweepstakes for the change to appear in the movie without making a donation, you can do that to.  Send a postcard with your contact information on it to: 

P.O. Box 3190
1217 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90408

or visit this website and complete the form:

FORCE FOR CHANGE rewards range from $10 which provides 1 entry in the Star Wars movie sweepstakes and a digital badge that you can use for your twitter avatar to $50,000 for a private advance screening of the movie in your hometown and 5,000 entries into the sweepstakes.  CLICK HERE to see all the rewards available.

This Star Wars promotion is following the example set by DC COMICS in their WE CAN BE HEROES campaigns which I've blogged about in the past.  DC's WE CAN BE HEROES campaigns provide rewards from fan donations that are used to support charities providing famine assistance in the Horn of Africa.  I have to say that from looking at and participating in past WE CAN BE HEROES campaigns they are much more generous and affordable than the FORCE FOR CHANGE promotion is.  FORCE FOR CHANGE is really focused towards wealthy individuals who can afford to spend thousands of dollars versus WE CAN BE HEROES has some pretty cool reward items that middle class families can obtain for reasonable donations ranging from $25 to a few hundred dollars.  So from the reward perspective, I find the FORCE FOR CHANGE campaign to be pretty uninspiring except for the change to win the opportunity to be in the movie (which is still very biased to high level donors) compared to WE CAN BE HEROES.  If FORCE FOR CHANGE isn't going to provide some fun and innovative rewards in the $25, $40, $50, $75 and $100 price ranges to really bring in the support of a wide spectrum of the Star Wars fan base off all income levels from around the world in my opinion Disney really should have just donated that million dollars directly to UNICEF. 

poster $70 donation

t-shirt $100 Donation

While the FORCE FOR CHANGE execution is somewhat disappointing, it does help a good cause. It is important to remember to purpose of the campaign is to raise as much money and awareness as possible to support UNICEF.  According to, Star Wars: Force for Change wants to create a brighter tomorrow for thousands of kids and families around the world. By acting as a Force for Change, your contribution to support UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and other innovative work for children will fund dozens of life-changing projects like these in communities across the globe: 

• Portable, solar-powered learning kits being built in China, Uganda, and Burundi to ensure underprivileged children in these countries have access to relevant, high-quality educational materials. 
• Mobile phone application developed in South Sudan and Uganda, and used in the Philippines, that helps reunite children with their families after an emergency. 
• A text messaging solution in Zambia that helps families receive infant medical test results from clinics, in half the time, through mobile phones. 

If you are a Star Wars fan and can afford to make a donation to UNICEF, be a Force For Change and participate in the campaign. For more information, visit

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