Sunday, March 29, 2015

Star Wars Fan Creates Impressive Short Film Portraying TIE Fighter Battle from the Empire's Perspective

There was a year during elementary school where I almost missed the bus everyday because I didn't want to miss a second of a daily morning cartoon called Robotech.  Anyone who is familiar with this science fiction anime that ran in 1985 is going to want to check out this great film short created by a Star Wars fan that has a real Robotech vibe to it.  Well actually anyone who is a fan of SciFi will want to check out "TIE Fighter" because it is really good. Paul "OtaKing" Johnson spent 4 years worth of weekends creating this tremendous anime video that portrays a Star Wars space battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Navy through the eyes of TIE fighter pilots.

It's amazing when you think about it that we have the technology available now so everyday people can create on their own and post to youtube videos of a quality that in the not too distant past could have only been produced by a television network or movie studio.  Kudos to OtaKing77077 for his short film TIE Fighter that I thoroughly enjoyed!  Whether you are a Star Wars fanatic or just a casual fan of SciFi you'll want to view this great short film with Johnson's classic 80's inspired anime artwork and a rocking original soundtrack by Zak Rahman. 

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