Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Toys-R-Us MAY THE FOURTH Star Wars Weekend Event - Free LEGO Mini Wookiee Gunship Giveaway on May 3

Swing by your local Toys-R-Us on Sunday, May 3, 2015 to build and take home a FREE Mini Wookiee Gunship LEGO toy set as the retailer celebrates the Star Wars MAY THE FOURTH Weekend.  May the Fourth used as a pun of the May the Force lines scripted in the Star Wars movies has evolved into an unofficial "Star Wars Day" where both fans and brands have lots of fun celebrating the franchise.  Since May the Fourth falls on a Monday this year, Toys-R-Us is celebrating a day early when it is easier for parents to bring their children to stores on a weekend to enjoy an event.

From Noon - 2pm on Sunday May 3, children 5 years of age and older who visit a participating Toys-R-Us will have the opportunity to build a mini LEGO Star Wars space ship and take it home with them for FREE.  Supplies of the LEGO toy kits at each store are limited to about 100 people first come, first served and even though the event is promoted for two hours if you get there and they are out then you are out of luck.  Two years ago we went up to our local Toys R Us around 1pm and it wasn't very crowded allowing my kids to have a great time putting together a Star Wars space ship and taking it home with them.  So based upon the good time we had in 2013, we went back last year and it was a pretty miserable experience.  We arrived at 12:15 and got in a long line for the event eventually approaching the build table at 12:30.  We were next in line to start building when a store employee said they were all out and the event was over.  So we watched them start taking the event display down and left empty handed a half hour into what was billed as a 2 hour event.  Even though we had a bad experience last year, we're going to go back this year to try it again because my kids love LEGOs & Star Wars plus I'm sure they would like these Wookiee Gun Ships; and when someone is giving away something for free you only have so much room to complain.  This year we're going to go a half hour before the event starts to get in line.  So my tip to you is if you go - go early!

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