Friday, June 12, 2015

Humble Bundle Celebrates the Magic of Jim Henson

There is a new Humble Bundle that celebrates the magic and wonder of Jim Henson's imagination and creations. The Humble Jim Henson: The Jim Henson Company Comics Bundle provides the opportunity for people to enjoy Boom Studios print portrayals of puppets that have been beloved by generations of fans.  You can name your price to purchase a basic bundle of The Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock digital comic books. allows consumers to purchase a bundle of video games or digital publications for any price they choose with that money being split three ways amongst a designated charity, the publisher, and the website.  The focus of these bundles is normally to raise awareness and funding for charities, in this particular case it being the Center for Puppetry Arts.

In 1978, Kermit the Frog and Jim Henson cut the ribbon to open the Center for Puppetry Arts. Since then, the Center has inspired generations of children and adults through our performances, educational workshops, and exhibitions. The Center uses the art form of puppetry as a means to provide educational experiences that encourage creativity, support school-day learning, fuel holistic development, and provide accessible, hands-on opportunities to participate in arts activities. The Center’s live puppetry performances, hands-on workshops, and guided museum tours provide creative arts experiences to students that aren’t available in classrooms while also providing teachers with opportunities to infuse the arts into their curriculum goalsThe Center for Puppetry Arts is opening a new museum space this year which will feature expanded exhibit areas for both its Global Collection and the Jim Henson Collection. This new space will provide immersive and interactive, exhibitions allowing guests of all ages to explore puppetry in unique ways, challenging preconceptions and giving a new appreciation of the global scope and universal power of the art form. As part of this project, the Center will be protecting and preserving hundreds of international and Henson treasures for future generations to enjoy and understand. 

If you spend more than the average amount people are paying for the basic bundle,  you will get some extra bonus e-books added to your shopping cart which include Jim Henson's The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow and The Storyteller comic books and novelizations of Storyteller and Labyrinth.

Additionally, if you spend $2 more than the average amount spent on the basic bundle, the graphic novel Jim Henson's Tale of Sand will be thrown into your package as an extra thank you.  Discovered in the Archives of the The Jim Henson Company, A Tale of Sand is an original graphic novel adaptation of an unproduced, feature-length screenplay written by Jim Henson and his frequent writing partner, Jerry Juhl. A Tale of Sand follows scruffy everyman, Mac, who wakes up in an unfamiliar town, and is chased across the desert of the American Southwest by all manners of man and beast of unimaginable proportions.  A Tale of Sand will allow Henson fans to recognize some of the inspirations and set pieces that eventually appeared in later Henson Company productions.

These digital comic books are DRM-free which means that they aren't tied to a particular website or computer program to be able to read.  Download them onto whatever device you want and read them at your convenience where and when you want.  I've heard that accessing these comics works great from a PC or laptop but some people have had difficulties with them on smart phones and tablets. Here's a these files to your PC, save them as .pdf and upload to your mobile device by dropbox.  Voila! that has worked every time for me!

This deal, like all Humble Bundles is for a limited time so if you are a fan of Jim Henson's work beware because if you snooze you'll loose and this offer will be gone. Check out the clock in the top right corner of Humble Bundle deals right under the green Pay What You Want box to check out how much time is left before an offer expires.

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