Monday, August 10, 2015

World Lion Day - Cause an Uproar

Detroit has an affinity for big cats.  They're tied to the heart and soul of Motown as the mascots of two of the city's long time premiere sports franchises The Detroit Lions & Tigers.  The wild characteristics of these big cats portray the ferocity in which our sports teams strive to compete.  Will the meaning of these mascots remain the same for my kids and future generations though if these great animals no longer live in the wild or even worse become extinct?  Big cats in the wild are disappearing at an alarming rate! On World Lion Day ( August 10 ) please join my friends at National Geographic in creating an uproar about the plight of the planet's big cats in the wild.

Send a virtual high five to your friends and connections through social media on August 10th with the hashtag #5forBigCats with a message encouraging them to donate $5 to support National Geographic's Big Cat Initiative.  Donations can be made online via visiting or by texting FIVE to 50555 to donate $5. Texting T&C:

The National Geographic Big Cats Initiative provides on-the-ground support to projects that preserve big cat populations worldwide.  Examples include building livestock enclosures to save snow leopards in Nepal and combating lion snaring and poaching in Zambia.  Build a Boma has been one of the Big Cats Initiative's most successful efforts at saving the lives of  Lions and other big cats in the wild.  Building and maintaining livestock enclosures called "bomas" in Kenya and Tanzania keeps the lions from preying on those animals which then protects the big cats from retaliatory killings by humans.  A boma costs $500 to build and $25 a year to maintain.  It's a proven way to decrease the killings of lions and your donation to National Geographic Big Cats Initiative can make sure these structures are being effectively built and utilized.  Examples like this show how even a small donation can help towards making a big difference.

Another way to contribute to the cause is to purchase the National Geographic Kids MISSION: LION RESCUE book which teaches children about these magnificent animals and its proceeds are used to support The National Geographic Big Cats Initiative. This softcover book is 128 pages and features 250 incredible color photographs of the kings and queens of beasts.   MISSION: LION RESCUE is meant to inspire young animal lovers to get up close to roaring lions and the real-life challenges they face. With fun and amazing adventure stories, gorgeous photography, hands-on activities, fascinating information, and more, this book taps into kids' interest in animals and hopefully will stir a passion for saving them. Meet real-life lions and learn about their habitats, challenges, and successes, plus learn how kids can take action and help save these amazing endangered creatures.

Please make a contribution on this World Lions Day to help restore their roar in the wild whether it is financially or by helping spread the word about #5forBigCats.  Hit Twitter, Facebook, Instagram in support of National Geographic's Big Cat Initiative! Let's go save the Lions!



  1. That's cool that Leo posted about this on his FB page. Seems like a good cause!

  2. Very cool. I had no idea that there was a Wold Lion Day. We love any reason to visit the zoo.

  3. I love lions and tigers. They need to be protected. Such beauty!

  4. Great cause! hope this can reach greater heights!