Friday, January 29, 2016

Name a Roach for Valentine's Day

Julie Larsen Maher / Bronx Zoo
Looking for a funny way to show some affection for your mother-in-law, be goofy with your kids, or show a wacky love of nature to your significant other in celebrating Valentine's Day this year?  Or maybe you're looking for a way to let an ex know they did you wrong in a spirited but non-threatening way.  Name a roach after them.

The Bronx Zoo has an extensive number of Madagascar hissing cockroaches in its insect exhibit and they'll let you name a roach after someone for Valentine's Day.  Who wouldn't be endeared to know there is a hissing cockroach climbing around a display at New York City's famed Bronx Zoo sharing their name thanks to you.  By participating in this off-the-wall fundraiser you can have a bit of fun at someone else's expense. Well actually it will be at your expense because you need to make a donation to the Bronx Zoo's Wildlife Conservation Society to name one of the zoo's lovely Madagascar hissing cockroaches but hey it'll be a tax deductible Valentine's Day present.
For $10 tax deductible donation the Bronx Zoo will send out to your designated recipient a digital certificate like the one below letting them know the honor you've bestowed upon them.  If you'd like a personalized message can also be included within the certificate where you can wax poetic about your inspiration for the gift.

Want to be a bit more romantic?  For $25 the Wildlife Conservation Society will mail a printed roach certificate along with something sweet made by the Nunu Chocolate company in Brooklyn, New York.  Only $12 dollars of this gift is tax deductible but this option also includes chocolate being mailed to your special somebody.  If you want your gift to arrive in the mail by Valentine's Day orders must be placed by Tuesday, February 2, 2016.

To name a roach after someone for Valentine's Day, visit

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, donations will help protect these misunderstood love bugs along with a lot of other animals big and small.  I'm sure you'll get some people hissing at you on Valentine's Day with this approach to showing your love, or disdain, for someone but if you are scampering around for something unique to do this year why not have some fun naming a cockroach.

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