Monday, February 15, 2016

Is your family equipped with a first aid kit?

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Do you have a first aid kit in the car, van or truck that your family primarily uses for travel?  I hate to admit it but there have been a few situations with our family where having a first aid kit would have been handy and one wasn't close at hand.  For example, during the very first game coaching my kids soccer team a player had blood squirting out of a skinned up knee and the only medical items I could find in the equipment bag were a couple of ice packs.  In another instance, we were driving in the procession to the cemetery for my grandmother's funeral when my daughter suddenly had a horrendous bloody nose which caught us completely off guard.  Thanks to MacGill First Aid our family won't be caught off guard again as we'll have a kit that has been designed specifically to address the medical needs of families stored in our van from now on.  This first aid kit was designed by a dad specifically to meet the medical needs of families with children and teens when they may have an incident on vacation, injury at a sporting event, or an accident at home.

MacGill has been in the business of providing medical supplies to school nurses since 1904.  Yet when the company's current owner, Jay Smith, was packing for a family trip to Wisconsin he couldn't find a first aid kit that contained all the components he felt they might need.  So with a "build a better mousetrap" mentality Smith began researching how he could utilize MacGill's inventory and network of suppliers to build the perfect first aid kit for families.

"I dumped the contents of various first aid kits onto my desk, trying to find one that would meet my family's needs but everyone came up short," explained Jay Smith. "I wanted metal tweezers like the ones our nurses order. I needed bandages that actually stay on and gloves that were truly latex-free.  Because I know from our nurses what are truly better products, I wanted items like aerosol wound spray, which is so superior to other products in that category, I had to add them too.  After several trips to MacGill's warehouse shelves, I cobbled together a first aid kit I trusted to treat my own family."

Happy with his newly created first aid kit, Smith was inspired to provide the same comprehensive kit filled with some of the top medical supplies available at an affordable price for a family budget.  So he created a new division of the company to focus specifically on providing family's with top notch first aid kits.  Through you can order a comprehensive family-oriented first aid kit for $70, purchase refill items as needed, or obtain special add on products for the kit such as non-contact thermometers or fingertip pulse oximeters.

It's comforting to know this first aid kit is filled with the same supplies that the nurses across the country are utilizing to assist sick and injured  children at schools.  When you first open the kit there is attached inside the lid an easy to read instruction sheet that serves as a guide for basic first aid treatment for many common injuries.  That is a nice resource to have rather than just to be handed a packet of medical supplies which I'm sure many people may not be prepared to just pick up and use.  Inside the MacGill First Aid Kit you'll find it divided into four sections each filled with a different category of supplies.

Section 1 is for cleaning wounds or providing cold treatment to a wound or sprain.  It includes eye wash, instant cold compress, aerosol wound wash, Neosporin no-touch spray, and cold compress covers.  Section 2 is for bandaging up an injury and includes sterile roller bandages, gauze pads, burn dressing, blood coagulent, an eye pad, elastic bandage, and tape among other things.  Section 3 is filled with some basic tools and accessories like nitrile gloves, an oral thermometer, tweezers and scissors.  Section 4 has some medications to help with ailments such as aspirin, antibiotic ointment, burn cream, diphenhydramine pills, glucose gel, hydrocortisone cream,and sting relief wipes. CLICK HERE to take your own in-depth tour of the MacGill First Aid Kit which allows you to take a look at all the products and equipment included within it.

Fortunately, we haven't had to use the MacGill First Aid Kit yet but it has provided some peace of mind knowing that we have it now just in case it is needed.  After looking over all the items in the fist aid kit I'm pretty confident we are prepared for most injuries or emergencies that may arise. As a parent you never want to be caught off guard in any sort of medical situation impacting a child and this family focused first aid kit makes sure moms and dads are prepared whether you are at home or on the go.


  1. This is a really awesome kit. We have both a medical kit and a small toolbox with some tools. Both are so important.

  2. Looks like an awesome kit!I have a toolkit, but still need the medical kit.

  3. Our kit is probably out dated. Something i need to work on for sure.

  4. I have to admit that compared to this kit, mine is sorely lacking. I love that it was designed by someone in the business for his own family originally. That speaks volumes of the kind of quality you can expect. This would make a great gift as well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Keeping one in the car is a great idea! We have a super basic first aid kit at home, but a more in depth one for the car would be a good idea because we like to take the boys on walks in the woods and out to the park.

  6. This is a great idea. We have one in our boat so we should have one in the car.

  7. Your post reminds me to get a new set of first aid kit at home. Thanks for this post!

  8. This is a great idea! I absolutely need one of these in the car.