Thursday, August 4, 2016

Reactorz Soccer Ball | COOP Sports

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My kids are enjoying soccer camp this summer and they just can't get enough of the sport right now.  In addition to learning dribbling and passing techniques during the day at camp they want to go outside every night to practice kicking the ball around.  Thanks to the Reactorz Soccer Ball from COOP Sports, which lights up when it is kicked, darkness is no longer an obstacle that can prevent my kids from playing the game.  They've been having fun playing soccer from dawn to dusk with their Reactorz ball.

You may not be able to see my kids but the Reactorz Soccer Ball they are passing around sure is visible! Reactive light technology emits a burst of light with every touch, bounce, throw or kick of a COOP Sports Reactorz Ball.

Playing with their Reactorz Ball my kids discovered that the best light effects are generated the faster it spins.  That is because the micro-prism inner core of the 8 inch diameter youth soccer ball refracts the light from its motion activated LED module for the cool effects you see while playing with it.

The soccer ball also has a semi-rigid outer shield that both protects the LED module inside plus provides a texture that makes it soft to kick.  The lighting mechanism is so light and well calibrated you can't distinguish the feel of kicking or catching it from a normal children's playground ball.  A nice aspect of the ball is the pressure/motion sensitivity of the LED module.  It can be held in a hand or resting under a foot without illuminating preserving its battery life but a tap or putting it into motion will easily make it glow.

My kids really have had a lot of fun playing outside at night with this light-up soccer ball.  Meant for ages 5+,  Reactorz Soccer Balls are available at Toys R Us.  Non-replaceable batteries are included within the ball so it is ready to go as soon as it is removed from the packaging.  For more information, visit

If you have kids in your life that love soccer as much as mine do pick them up a COOP Sports Reactorz Ball!

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