Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stomp Rocket

** A Geek Daddy was provided the featured product for free to review**

My kids and I ventured over to the neighborhood park to play around with launching a Stomp Rocket.  No need for gasoline or batteries to fuel this toy as the Stomp Rocket is 100% kid-powered.  The energy created from stomping on a launch pad will utilize air pressure to have rockets soaring up to 150 feet into the sky.  Foam tips on the rockets provide for a safe landing when the rocket returns back to Earth.

We had a competition to see who could get our Stomp Rocket to fly the highest in the air.  The harder you stomp on the launch pad the higher the rocket will soar! So I have to admit with my weight advantage, dad probably had a bit of an advantage over the kids in this contest.

Ha Ha - Yeah I won! A Geek Daddy wins in the end!

Stomp Rocket is easy to put together and simple to use but also introduces children to some complicated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational concepts such as gravity, force, and trajectory.  Discuss with children while they are launching their rockets about how what goes up must come down through gravity, that force which is created by stomping on the launch pad determines how high the rockets fly, and that through setting the launcher at different angles the trajectory can determine if they'll fly higher or farther.  Plus Stomp Rocket will get kids out of the house getting exercise running and jumping in the fresh air.  Our whole family enjoyed playing around with the Stomp Rocket.  A product that has kids learning and exercising while having fun has to get a thumbs up!

The complimentary Stomp Rocket pack we received to test out from D & L Company LLC, home of the Original Stomp Rocket, was the ULTRA LED version.  Along with the launching pad came four rockets, each containing an LED light within the tube -- batteries included -- that lit up as they shot up into the night sky making them fun to play with after dusk.  You can pick up STOMP ROCKET ULTRA LED by heading to select Dick's Sporting Goods stores.  Visit to find a store near you.

For more then 25 years, Stomp Rockets have been encouraging kids to have fun by running, jumping and stomping through selling more than 5 million of the toys.  More information about this toy is available at

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