Saturday, October 8, 2016

TRAK ATTAK from New Bright -- Radio Control Toys

**A Geek Daddy received the featured product for free to review **

The TRAK ATTAK puts a new spin on playing with radio control cars as this RC racer features tracks instead of wheels to speed it along. This 1:10 scale (14") tread driven vehicle features a sturdy suspension and enough bulk in its size to let it tank through a variety of terrains.  Yet it is light and fast enough to really get it racing along.  A Geek Daddy recently put the TRAK ATTAK to the test and it proved itself to be an entertaining toy as it jaunted across backyards, through park playgrounds and around our neighborhood's sidewalks.

TRAK ATTAK comes with a 12.8 volt Lithium Ion power pack which is easy to recharge and provides the remote control vehicle with plenty of energy to power through the challenges you throw at it.  Just plug the power pack into the included charger which is inserted into a standard wall outlet.  It took fifteen minutes to charge it up out of the box. Then lock the power pack into place within the bottom of the TRAK ATTAK, which is very easy to fit into place, and your toy will be fueled up and ready to go!  My son took it to the park to race around and the TRAK ATTAK lasted about thirty minutes before the power pack needed to be recharged.  Subsequent recharges take from a half hour to an hour depending on the amount of use it has had and provide twenty to thirty minutes of fast paced activity.  Here's some video of my 7 year old steering it around as you can see it handles well and is easy for him to control:

The TRAK ATTAK comes with its own compact remote control.  I don't particularly care for my kids wanting to grab my phone to be able to play with a toy through its bluetooth or wi-fi so an included remote control with these type of things is always a plus for me.  This parent also appreciated that New Bright included the 2 AA batteries needed to power the remote control within the packaging.  Pull the TRAK ATTAK out of its box, insert the included batteries into the remote control and charge the Lithium Ion power pack for a few minutes and this RC racers is quickly ready to play with.

There have been quite a few radio control cars that my twins have wanted to race against each other that didn't work out very well when we tried them out because the frequencies interfered with one another causing a mess in controlling both so they couldn't really compete against one another at the same time. That won't be a problem with TRAK ATTAK which utilizes 2.4GHZ technology that allows remote control units sync to specific vehicles.  This allows up to 6 people to race at once in proximity to one another at the same time -- yes!!!  New Bright's technology also allows the TRAK ATTAK to have an internal antenna so there isn't one hanging from the vehicle providing for more mobility and a more attractive ride while also providing a faster response between transmitter and vehicle from longer distances.

 If you are looking for an out of the ordinary toy that will get kids excited about wanting to go outside to play, you'll want to pick up a TRAK ATTAK. This RC toy also demonstrated the durability not to quickly and easily break ensuring kids will get plenty of enjoyment out of it.  TRAK ATTAK is available exclusively from Walmart if you are interested in grabbing one.  For more information about TRAK ATTAK and other radio controlled toys from its manufacturer, visit

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