Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sensei Master King Pen's Ultimate Tips For Skylanders IMAGINATORS Video Game

The newest edition of the SKYLANDERS video game franchise recently arrived on store shelves.  This new installment called IMAGINATORS allows players to unleash their imaginations like never before by for the first time giving them the power to customize and create their very own Skylander that can be played as a primary character in an all-new adventure that features compelling storylines, puzzles, battles, and a new lineup of heroes and villains.  Portal Masters, as SKYLANDERS players are known as, can utilize the game's Skylander Creator option to design their own personalized characters with an  extraordinary amount of options for available powers, abilities, catchphrases, appearances, and much more. New Toy-to-Life figures called Senseis will help Portal Masters maximize the abilities and game play of player created characters by unlocking unique weapons, increasing an Imaginator's level caps, providing access to special areas in the game, as well as unlocking new secret techniques.

One of these new Senseis reached out to A Geek Daddy to share his tips on how you can maximize the awesomeness when playing SKYLANDERS IMAGINATORS.  Heed the words of Master King Pen my friends as they will lead to fun and victory in the Realm of Skylands:

Listen up everyone! Ever wonder what it is like to fully use the power of your Imagination?  Well, my heroic friends, wonder no more.  Because with Skylanders Imaginators, all you Portal Masters out there will have the power to create your very own Skylanders -- known as Imaginators -- using the vast stretches of your imagination.  With ten new Battle Classes combined with the ten Elemental Classes and over a thousand creation pieces, there is virtually an unlimited number of ways to create an Imaginator!  Oh, and did I mention the Senseis?  These amazing heroes, which include yours truly, are among the mightiest Skylanders in the history of Skylands.  We'll help your Imaginators evolve their abilities to become even more powerful as they battle against Kaos.  Impressive, right?  But that's not all!  There's a whole lot more to see and experience in Skylanders Imaginators, so here's my special VIP list of tips for playing -- just for you.  Enjoy the awesomeness!!!


Skylanders Imaginators features the Mysterious Ancient Place -- or M.A.P. for short.  A brand new overworld never before seen with lots of areas for you to explore, there is plenty to experience and many rewards to find!  Play through the Sensei Realms, visit Skylander Academy, and find hidden treasures!


Always wanted to see what it takes to master the ten elements of Skylands?  Then head on over to each of the mystical Sensei Realms -- which can only be opened by Senseis of the matching element.  Create giant toys in the Tech Sensei Realm or overcome the eerie crypts of the Undead Sensei Realm or even figure out the crazy puzzles of the Water Sensei Realm.  Complete each one of these areas to earn amazing new items for your Imaginators! You can find these challenging yet awesome realms hidden all throughout the M.A.P.


Fell like putting Sensei abilities to the ultimate test? Well. that's what the new Battle Gongs are for!  Once a Battle Gong has been rung, your Sensei must fend off waves of powerful bad guys in order to earn some hefty rewards.  And I do mean hefty!  You can find Battle Gongs scattered throughout the levels.


Although Senseis are the most powerful Skylanders to have ever faces Kaos, they still have the potential to grow even stronger.  Unlock their awesome Ski-Chi powers by activating their battle class Sensei Shrine and watch as your Sensei blows enemies away with devastating attacks.  Sensei Shrines can be found in each of the levels.


The combination of ten battle classes and ten elements allows you to create any type of Imaginator you want.  So why not make them all! Maybe you'll need a Fire Ninja in one area, but a Dark Ninja in another.  Maybe you'll fight Doomlanders with a Light Swashbuckler supported by an Earth Knight.  Try limitless combinations as you choose the abilities and upgrades that best fit your fighting style!


With well over 1,000 creation pieces to outfit your Imaginator, why not collect as many Imaginite Chests as you can to fuel your creative needs?  Chests are readily earned and available throughout each level.  There are other ways to earn creation pieces as well.  Want more voice options? Then locate the hidden Troll Radios featuring DJ Chill Bill and try to win some.  Want unique weapons and catchphrases? Then defeat Doomlanders and collect them all!


If you thought that hidden areas are all that is new ... it's not! Skylands now features a new board game called Creation Clash -- based on all time favorite Skystones!  Battle opponents all over Skylands to become a legendary clasher.  Get started by visiting Madame Weebleton in the Card Shack on the M.A.P.


Skylands would not be complete without a battle arena to test your combat skills.  Chill Bill and Broccoli Guy welcome you to the new Arena Battles, where they will provide play-by-play commentary during your epic battles.  Take on a wide variety of enemies in three round matches and earn awards for winning!  Go to the Arena on the M.A.P. and speak to Buzz to get the brawl rolling!


Miss being the best racer in all of Skylands? And racing your friends online?  Well say no more!  Racing Mode including all of the tracks and game options from SKYLANDERS SUPERCHARGERS make a return in SKYLANDERS IMAGINATORS!  Land, Sea or Sky -- we have it all! And all of your new Imaginators and Sensei can compete along with all legacy Skylanders.  Visit the Skylanders Raceway on the M.A.P. in order to get back behind the wheel.


Sometimes you'll want to break away from all the action, so what better a place to visit than the Skylanders Academy.  Here you can check out the Hall of Selfies.  That's right -- selfies!  You can immortalize your Skylanders practically anywhere in the game including finding Selfie Spots to earn gold.  You can even collect Legendary Frames to place in the Hall of Selfies to make all Skylanders of that class even stronger!  But that's not all.  There are lots of other activities in the Skylanders Academy as well.  Find it on the M.A.P. and take that break anytime!

 Master King Pen is the leader of the Skylanders Senseis and is included in the IMAGINATORS Starter Pack that is needed to play this installment of the video game.  King Pen hails from a militaristic unit of penguins who protect the Cloudmelt Glaciers. During an epic battle, King Pen was trapped in an avalanche and had to take refuge in a nearby cave for the remainder of the winter season. During his solitude, he was visited by a mysterious Yeti Master, named Snow Wah, who began teaching him an ancient combat style known as “Flipper-Fu”. King Pen was already a skilled fighter, but the wise teacher helped him to understand the spiritual and philosophical nature of warfare, turning the penguin into an unstoppable force. When he finally emerged from the cave, tales of his newfound abilities spread far and wide. When Master Eon caught wind, he recruited King Pen into his top secret training program, where he quickly rose up the ranks to become the leader of the Skylander Sensei. Years later, King Pen returned to the site of the avalanche to thank his teacher, but no evidence of Snow Wah or the cave was ever found – leaving many to wonder if the Yeti had ever existed at all.

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