Friday, February 24, 2017

Take a Photo for a Chance to Win a Toys-to-Life Mobile Adventure Game

Video game developer Tourmaline Studio is launching a new Toys-to-Life game for mobile devices later this year and they are giving a few lucky families the chance to try it out before it goes on sale to the public.  Oniri Islands is a co-op adventure game for two players that utilizes physical figurines to interact with the game's digital elements.  Its story revolves around two kids, Mina and Tim, who are lost on a mysterious island searching for their shadows.  Utilize smart toys that come to life on your tablet to search for animal masks that provide magical powers to help them survive.  Move the figurines of Tim and Mina across the screen to explore the fabulous world of Oniri Islands.

Visit the Oniri Islands Virtual Photo Booth and snap a photo of yourself.  Add one of the featured animal masks to your face and submit it for a chance to be randomly selected to win free copy of the game + figurines.  Share your photo on Facebook and Twitter for bonus chances to win!

Tourmaline is launching a Kickstarter campaign beginning in March to help with the roll out of the game.  Follow Oniri Islands – Children of the River on social media for upcoming news and announcements about the campaign: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Website

The video game's plot is an original story inspired by the Lost boys from Peter Pan (JM Barry). The twins Mina and Tim are led by a mysterious chant into Oniri, a magic river that connects universes. Stranded on an island, they soon realize that their shadows are gone, preventing them from leaving this strange place… They meet two animals, a Shark and a Falcon, who give them each one a mask before going back to the river. Thanks to the masks, Mina and Tim are granted each one an animal shadow and magical powers: swim like a Shark and fly like a Falcon.

Features of Oniri Islands include:
  • Play a tablet game with real toys!
  • Beautiful and highly crafted toys to play with.
  • 5 animal masks for your toys to wear!
  • A collaborative game to share and enjoy together like a boardgame
  • A poetic universe that children, as well as parents, will love to explore together
  • A gorgeous minimalistic look, poetic and colorful.
  • A charming original soundtrack conveying all the poetry and wonder within the scenario.
CLICK HERE to enter the Oniri Islands Photo Contest for a chance to win a free game + figurines.

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