Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dove Men+Care Launches New "Elements" Nature Inspired Grooming Products

I recently received a complimentary gift package in the mail from Dove full of items from their brand new Men+Care ELEMENTS line of male grooming products.  Dove Men+Care ELEMENTS are 11 new items including body wash, soap bars, antiperspirants/deodorants and shampoos that feature a combination of earthy ingredients.  These products are divided into three unique categories: Minerals + Sage, Charcoal + Clay, and Mineral Powder + Sandalwood.

Dove Men+Care Elements Minerals + Sage
Inspired by minerals and sage, ingredients known to refresh the body and mind . Minerals are known to gently cleanse skin and hair; while sage is known to soothe skin and hair.

Dove Men+Care Elements Charcoal + Clay 

Inspired by ingredients known for their ability to deep clean and purify men’s skin and hair. Charcoal is known to act like a magnet to draw out dirt, oil and toxins; while clay is known as a natural purifier for skin and hair.

Dove Men+Care Elements Mineral Powder + Sandalwood

Sandalwood and mineral powder variant is inspired by ingredients known to absorb moisture and for their calming properties.

I've actually been a loyal Dove Men+Care customer for several years now regularly using their antiperspirant, deodorant, body wash and shaving cream.  From my own personal experiences the products have clearly demonstrated why Dove is the #1 brand recommended by dermatologists for cleansing, moisturizing, and skin care.  So I really was interested to see how these new ELEMENTS products compared to the Dove Men+Care ones I've previously been using.

Dove Men+Care provided me an assortment from all three of their new ELEMENTS categories, but I've just tried out the Minerals + Sage products they sent me so far.  I honestly like what I've tried out from my gift pack and find these items to be an upgrade from the previous Dove products that have been a regular part of my morning routine of getting ready for the day ahead.  These products let a guy pamper himself without feeling feminine.  It is just as important for guys to clean and moisturize their skin as it is for the ladies and with these new. products men don't need to feel uncomfortable or "girly" when doing just that.

One of the things, I appreciate about Dove Men+Care ELEMENTS actually has nothing to do with the product itself and is purely a marketing thing.  That being said it made a big positive impression towards the new products for me.  While the original Dove Men + Care products served me just fine,  their names such as "Fresh Awake" and "Cool Fresh" seemed a bit juvenile for items being marketed to adult men.  I found myself more attracted to the sophisticated, mature, masculine vibe presented by these new Dove Men+Care ELEMENTS categories which are much more appealing to this forty-something dad.  Minerals + Sage, Charcoal + Clay, and Mineral Powder + Sandalwood sound like products you would find at a resort or spa while Fresh Awake and Cool Fresh bring to mind images of high school gym lockers and college dormitories.

Of course it is not the name that matters but how a product works that really counts.  That is why though the names weren't that appealing to me I've been a loyal consumer of the original Dove Men+Care product line.  These new ELEMENTS products work just as well if not better!  The Minerals + Sage body wash does an excellent job of both cleansing and moisturizing your skin without leaving any residue behind so that you feel fresh and clean throughout the rest of the day.  The antiperspirant and deodorant provided the wetness and odor protection that I demand to stay comfortable and confidant both at work and at play.  The Dove Men+Care ELEMENTS Minerals + Sage products have a nice subtle earthy aroma to them and don't exude strong scents or striking fragrances which is a real plus for me.

The Dove Men+Care ELEMENTS collection gets a A Geek Daddy nod of approval for being a dependable line of male grooming products that provide a sophisticated approach for the average guy's daily hygiene regimen.  For more information, please visit

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