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Goldfish Swim School Water Safety Day 2017

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My daughter and I attended the annual WATER SAFETY DAY event hosted by Goldfish Swim Schools at the location where she takes her lessons this weekend. Bubbles, the school's mascot, provided a safety tips presentation where kids who participated earned special ribbons and safety badges.  Plus kids could work on their water safety skills in one of the facility's pools with some help from the school's instructors.  It was a great safety refresher for the children who are members of the swim school and the event was also open to the general public so parents considering signing up their kids for lessons could take advantage of the presentation and activities with their children as well while checking out the place and meeting some of the staff.

While water safety is a serious matter there was also a lot of fun and games associated with this free event. Kids were treated to face painting, a goofy photo booth, bounce houses, and balloon animals.  Plus there was a family open swim time going on in the main pool that was available to anyone who wanted to jump in.

The highlight of this year's WATER SAFETY DAY though for my daughter was the foam bubble battle she had with her swim teacher in Goldfish Swim School's parking lot which was closed off to provide a carnival space for entertaining activities. It was nice to see the kids getting to know their instructors outside of the pool and having a good time hanging out with them.  I'm sure that will have a positive impact on their rapport during lessons.

If you weren't able to attend this year, here are six important questions every parent should ask themselves before allowing a child to be around the water that Goldfish Swim School's staff emphasized during the event:

1. When can my child swim alone?
Depending on a child's swimming skills you don't necessarily need to be in the water with them, but juveniles should always have someone within eye contact of them. Here are some more tips to keep in mind to help you determine if your child is ready to swim alone.  That being said, kids should always swim with a buddy and actually adults should too!  Having a buddy present in the water means there’s someone there to assist if needed, or to go get help should an emergency arise.

2. When should we use puddle jumpers and/or life jackets?
When learning to swim, we believe it is more beneficial for kids to learn without water wings, puddle jumpers or life jackets. However, every child should always wear life jackets when on a boat (and it’s generally the law in every state that kids ages 13 and younger must wear life jackets on boats). Beyond that, you’ll have to consider what kids of water you’re in, how deep it is, your child’s skill level, if you’re in the water, and other issues.

3. What are the signs of drowning?
Drowning happens quickly, and it can be difficult to notice because it doesn’t involve crazy splashing and loud yelling. If someone is having trouble in the water, they may quietly slip under the water. That’s why it’s important to recognize the signs of drowning and what to do if someone appears in distress.

4. How can I help my kids become better swimmers?
Did you know that teaching kids water safety helps kids to become better swimmers? It’s true. When kids – and all of us, really – understand what it takes to be safer in the water and implement those points, the focus can be on improving swim skills. Perpetual (year-round) swim lessons are best and truly helps keeps kids safer in the water.

5. How can we stay safe in an indoor pool?
Even if you’re not swimming outdoors, there are certain considerations that need to be made to stay safe at an indoor pool.  For instance, make sure young children aren’t enticed to go near the pool unattended to scoop up toys randomly floating around – and always keep an eye on your kids, even if there’s a lifeguard on duty.

6. What to do if I don’t know how to swim?
It can be quite the conundrum: How do you keep your kids safe in the water when you don’t know how to swim yourself? First of all, it’s important to not impart any fear of the water onto your kids. And teaching your kids to swim and learn the 5 things every kid should know how to do in the water helps empower your kids and yourself to be safer and confident in the water.

If you didn't attend WATER SAFETY DAY make sure it is on your radar to swing by your local Goldfish Swim School next year to join in the activities.  The event is full of family-friendly fun plus also provides some valuable educational information to help keep kids safe.  And as I mentioned is FREE to attend for any family with preschool and school aged children. We really had a good time!

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