Saturday, March 17, 2018


It just seemed fitting to have a family movie night watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on the first day we brought Baby Groot home.  After all he is the star of the show! Marvel Groot Marvel Life-Size Figure is a replica from Hot Toys scaled to the size the movie's director pictures the character would be in real life. 

The Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer has earned a reputation for making collectible action figures that are amazing reproductions of what sci-fi and superhero characters look like on the silver screen. They've have done another fantastic job with the Baby Groot they've created. If you want to bring your own Baby Groot home, click on one of the links on this post to make a purchase from Hot Toys' North American & European distributor, Sideshow Collectibles, and A Geek Daddy will receive a commission at no additional charge to you.

This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Groot life-size collectible figure is approximately 26 cm tall and includes 3 interchangeable faces. When you look at Hot Toys' Marvel Groot Marvel Life-Size Figure  you just get the feeling it is going to turn its head to look at you and say "I am Groot."  Baby Groot's movie authentic appearance includes highly detailed facial expressions and a tree-like body texture.

Baby Groot also comes with a removable miniature Ravagers outfit and a Guardian of the Galaxy themed display stand.  The collectible figure also comes with two pairs of interchangeable hands.  The extending attack hands are embedded with wires so you can slightly pose the long branch like figures if you like.

Speaking of posing, the figure also has 15 points of articulation making it great for recreating your favorite Baby Groot scenes from the movie or just having fun playing around with the toy.  Watch out for your popcorn when you are around this guy!  Whether you are looking to give a child a gift they'll never forget or want to decorate a bedroom, office, home theater, game room or man cave, Baby Groot won't disappoint.

Marvel Groot Marvel Life-Size Figure like other Hot Toys productions is a limited edition collectible so once they're sold out you are out of luck getting your hands on one.  Don't miss out!  Head over to Sideshow Collectibles and add a Baby Groot to your family.

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