Saturday, March 24, 2018

National Geographic Kids Subscription Box

We just received a new National Geographic Kids Pleybox! This one's theme is MISSION SERENGETI and focuses on the nearly 6,000 square mile African nature preserve in Tanzania that is home to some amazing animals including lions, Nile crocodile, wildebeest and zebra living wild in their natural habitat.  This Pleybox provides kids an entertaining and educational safari experience without having to travel away from home.

Pley subscription services have partnered with Nat Geo Kids to create a program that delivers environmentally themed adventure packages right to your doorstep.  Each Pleybox is themed upon a different part of the world, including the Arctic, Amazon, Everglades and Great Barrier Reef.  Wrapped up in a package that looks like an old fashioned travel suitcase, Nat Geo Kids Pleybox are filled with goodies that let kids learn about animals, conservation, ecosystems and STEM topics while having fun.

So what was inside our Serengeti themed box?

National Geographic Kids Zebra T-shirt that points out interesting facts about these creatures while highlighting an image of one.

Migration Mystery Activity Book that delves into the annual wildebeest migration through the Serengeti and provides information about this unique African habitat through coloring pages, puzzles games, and other activities.

National Geographic Kids Mission: Lions Rescue Book provides gorgeous photography and fascinating information that show why these creatures are known as the king of the jungle.  This 128 page soft-cover book features 250 color pictures of lions in their natural habit plus shares conservation stories about efforts to protect these endangered animals.

Trading Cards with interesting facts about the eagles, lions, Nile crocodiles, zebras, wildebeest and wild dogs that live within the Serengeti.

Sticker Sheet themed around the animals that call the Serengeti home.

Video Game Code for five Serengeti inspired online games to play with my kids favorites being the Cape Hare Catch and The Jeep Trail.

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