Monday, March 5, 2018


A Geek Daddy's kids are at an age where they aren't old enough for Young Adult novels but have grown up too much for children's picture books.  So as a parent, I'm always on the look out for Middle Grade books that will capture their attention and imagination.  I wanted to share with you a great one my family discovered called THE SUPER LIFE OF BEN BRAVER.

Books categorized as Middle Grade are primarily meant for boys and girls between the ages of eight and twelve in third through sixth grade.  Middle Grade books tend to be the literary equivalent of a PG movie where sexual content and swearing is limited but there is plenty of action scenes and silly humor to make the reading especially entertaining to its core audience.  These books tend to have main characters that are around the same age as their targeted readers, incorporate illustrations throughout the story, and utilize sentence structures and vocabulary that are suitable for independent reading by elementary school aged children.  These are the type of books my nine year old twins are reading right now.

My son has been engrossed by reading THE SUPER LIFE OF BEN BRAVER ever since Macmillan Children's Publishing Group sent the book our way to check out.  The story which is both written and illustrated by Marcus Emerson has really drawn him into it.  Every time I look around for the boy when he is home from school, I find him with his face buried in the book.  Instead of flipping on the television or picking up his tablet to screw around with when he has had some free time, my son has been enthusiastic about reading THE SUPER LIFE OF BEN BRAVER instead.  Any book that can get a kid to voluntarily want to read without being prodded to do it like this one has absolutely earns A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

The story follows the adventures of Ben Braver who is essentially an ordinary kid probably a lot like the children reading this book.  All he wants to do is enjoy summer vacation watching television, playing video games and eating his favorite candy.  Then one day, Ben hears someone screaming for help and like his favorite comic book heroes he tries to save the day. 

Unfortunately, his leaping into action to put it simply ends badly.  But it does lead him to a secret school where kids with super abilities learn to control their powers.  Though Ben apparently doesn't have any special powers he is still offered a spot at the school based upon his bravery.  Now he has the chance to become the superhero he's always dreamed of being.

Macmillan Children's Publishing Group has kindly provided a book for my family to enjoy and another one that A Geek Daddy can giveaway.  Just complete the entries in the form below before 11:59 pm ET on Monday, March 12, 2018.  One lucky randomly selected winner will be sent THE SUPER LIFE OF BEN BRAVER from the publisher.  Must be a United State or Canadian resident over 18 years old to be eligible for the giveaway.

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Full of goofy humor, wacky characters and zany situations this 320 page hardcover book is sure to delight any elementary school aged reader who has dreamed of being a super hero.  Filled with eye-catching sketches and comic strips that compliment the story's text, Emerson transports readers to a fantastic place full of adventures and high jinks.  Its bravo and humor make THE SUPER LIFE OF BEN BRAVER an entertaining tale which instills a subtle inspirational message that a person doesn't need to have fantastic abilities to be a hero.

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