Saturday, August 11, 2018


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After a day spent at Roadkill Nights full of demons and hellcats, it seemed a fitting time to see DEADPOOL 2. After putting the kids to bed, because this R-rated flick definitely earns its adults only recommendation by the Motion Picture Association of America, I downloaded the movie from Movies Anywhere and watched it on my big screen tv.  Director David Leitch and actor Ryan Reynolds, who takes on the persona of Deadpool in the film, embrace the R rating with bravado.  Within the first five minutes of DEADPOOL 2 there are more decapitations and amputations than I could count as the mutant mercenary engages in hit assignments targeting a variety of rogues all around the world with impunity...and this is just starting things off!

The "Merc with a Mouth" continues his foul mouthed, wise cracking ways that has made the character popular in the original DEADPOOL movie as well as in Marvel's comic books as he breaks the fourth wall of media chatting and joking with the audience throughout the show.  Reynolds as Deadpool continuously tosses out pop cultural references, potty humor, sexual innuendos, and off the cuff comedic barbs to zing movie watchers. On one hand the movie is a parody of superhero movies yet on the other it also is filled with jaw-dropping action scenes and a story that has some legitimate chops to it.  Mutant powers, sword play, and gun battles provide an exciting fantasy romp through an edgy side of the Marvel comic book universe making DEADPOOL 2 an entertaining escape from the reality of normal day to day life.

In this movie, the smart ass mercenary Deadpool faces the consequences of having a career as a murderer for hire.  As his world falls apart around him, the X-Men lend a hand in helping him put his life back together. As the movie progresses, we witness this flawed character actually evolve into a hero.

When Deadpool joins in on a mission to deescalate a standoff between police and an angry teen named Russell who is being held at a rehabilitation center for children with mutant powers, he can't keep his restraint in check when discovering the boy is being abused.  The cold blooded killer comes out and Deadpool starts eliminating the teen's abusers inflicting his own sense of justice on them.  This end up with both Deadpool and Russell being sent to a prison built specifically to restrain criminals with mutant powers.

This leads Russell on a path to one day become a vicious murder in the future who kills numerous innocent people … including the wife and daughter of a genetically enhanced soldier named Cable who travels back in time to eliminate the threat to his family.  Deadpool attempts to protect Russell from Cable but finds this super soldier more than he can handle on his own.  So he enlists the aid of a number of X-Men including Colossus, Bedlam, Domino and Shatterstar to help save the life of the young mutant from Cable and overcome the advanced weaponry possessed by this man from the future.

Can Deadpool and the X-Men save Russell from Cable? Will their actions chance the course of the future? Could both Russell and Deadpool lives be transformed from this encounter?  You'll have to watch the movie to find out!

dvd release date

DEADPOOL 2 is available now to add to your home entertainment video library with a digital edition of the movie.  A nice aspect of digital movies is you don't need to leave your house to rent or purchase a disc nor have to physically store it someplace.  Just purchase it online and then download or stream the movie on a mobile device or television like I did with Movies Anywhere.  Plus your movie collection is stored on the cloud. Easy and convenient!

The movie will also be available to purchase or rent on Blu-ray and DVD as of Tuesday, August 21, 2018. I'd missed seeing DEADPOOL 2 at the movie theater and had been looking forward to its home video release. I wasn't disappointed! For more information about the film, visit  You can also tune into Deadpool's social media antics on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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