Friday, November 30, 2018


While the holiday season is supposed to be a joyful time, the hustle and bustle of this time of year can often leave people feeling mad and stressed instead of cheerful. Especially if you are a parent of kids who complain about long car rides to grandma and grandpa's house, bickering about wo knows what, or are constantly interrupting while you are trying to get the house ready for guests coming over for a holiday celebration at your home. With some help from MOVIES ANYWHERE ensure everyone has a jolly attitude when it comes to surviving the holiday season.

MOVIES ANYWHERE is a cloud-based storage and viewing platform for digital versions of motion pictures. This service allows people to store movies purchased from a variety of retailers in one place online and then stream or download them to the device of your choice whenever and wherever you want to view them. So with MOVIES ANYWHERE the home entertainment library of Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures films you've probably purchased from a number of different retailers are listed together in one cataloged location and are accessible in a number of ways to view ranging from downloading on your phone to streaming to a television set.

Remember a big part of the holidays are about appreciating family and a fun way to do that is by watching classic Christmas movies to enjoy some "we time" together.  It is a family tradition in our household to watch THE SANTA CLAUSE and ELF together while snacking on sugar cookies and hot chocolate. This year we'll be using our MOVIES ANYWHERE account to stream these movies through Roku to the big screen TV in our living room.

Sometimes though to keep your sanity during the holidays you need some "me time." My wife likes to get away from me and the kids for awhile to watch her favorite holiday film, LOVE ACTUALLY, alone on her tablet without us bugging her while she's watching the movie. Sometimes we just need to separate the kids to avoid their sibling arguments or keep them from distracting my wife and I from getting tasks that need to be completed done. So each gets a mobile device and watches the show they want to see.

For being twins they really do have a big difference in tastes when it comes to their favorite movies. My son loves NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION while my daughter prefers THE POLAR EXPRESS. While for my "me time" it usually involves using the MOVIES ANYWHERE app on a mobile device to amuse my daughter so I can enjoy watching football on TV without her constantly pestering me to change the channel to cartoons or using the service for myself to see the classic holiday flick DIE HARD on my laptop.

A nice feature about Movies Anywhere is that you can have a central family account but you can set up a profile for up to five people on it individually.  So each member of our family has a profile with customized setting for the movies they view.  That includes parental controls that prevent my nine year olds from watching R rated movies like DIE HARD when they log into the family account. We have it set so they can only watch PG movies without mom or dad's permission on their profiles. I do admit that while R movies are off limits to them they occasionally get A Geek Daddy nod of approval to watch PG-13 fare like ANT-MAN & THE WASP or JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.

It is a long drive to grandma and grandpa's to visit them for Christmas, so MOVIES ANYWHERE is nice to keep the kids amused in the backseat of the car so we aren't constantly hearing "are we there yet?" throughout the ride.  They can each access what they want to see on their tablets through their own MOVIE ANYWHERE profiles and everyone enjoys the car ride.  MOVIES ANYWHERE provides my wife and I some peace on earth during these holiday trips … which is the present this dad wants most for Christmas!

Survive the holiday season with help from MOVIES ANYWHERE. Create a free account with no subscription fee and watch the movies you've purchased anytime and anywhere you like.  Head over to to get started. Wishing you all a time of good cheer!

A Geek Daddy received free digital download codes to host my own holiday family movie nights courtesy of Movies Anywhere in association with my writing this post. Opinions expressed are honest and my own. Also a special thank you to Wholesale Halloween Costumes for providing us with the featured Santa hats, elf costume and reindeer outfit for free.

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