Monday, January 21, 2019


You don't have to go on safari in the African savanna or take a trek through the Amazon rain forests to be able to witness the wonders of nature. The docudrama BACKYARD WILDERNESS, which is currently playing at The Henry Ford movie theater, highlights that even for those of us who live in so called civilized places there are natural wonders all around us. We just need to make an effort to perceive the wildlife that exists in places like our own backyards.

The movie focuses on a tween aged girl named Katie and her family whose attention are absorbed by electronic devices and modern technology blinding them to real life spectacles taking place right under their noses in a suburban backyard. A series of events lead Katie to discover that she is living amongst an amazing eco-system that she really had never paid much attention to. Her experiences show that you can uncover extraordinary things in a backyard wilderness.

We had a giant screen experience watching BACKYARD WILDERNESS at The Henry Ford. The museum's movie screen is 88 feet wide by 44 feet wide plus the movie is shown in 3D.  The movie's wonderful imagery literally pops off the screen at you!

You really get an intimate look at the wildlife in a suburban backyard setting through captivating cinematography.  We were wowed by the close up views of creatures that were caught on cameras that were mounted inside dens and nests as well as placed along forest floors, pond bottoms, and among tree tops.  From dew drops falling on lady bugs and dragonflies to ducklings hatching from eggs there are an array of rare sights to enjoy watching this film. BACKYARD WILDERNESS is filled with adorable scenes of animals that are sure to put a smile on your face, teachable moments that will make you think, humorous situations that have the whole audience laughing, and a few incidents that may cause a few tears.

The theme of BACKYARD WILDERNESS is to remind its audiences that Wi-Fi is not the only connection that matters. It encourages people to connect with the environment and be conscious about conservation of our local environments whether that be an urban city, suburban community, rural farmland, or exotic landscape.  This message really caught on with my kids who were talking about exploring our own neighborhood during the whole car ride home after seeing this movie.

Because BACKYARD WILDERNESS is both entertaining and educational it gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval. The one of a kind visuals, intimate views, stunning imagery and the overall beauty of the cinematography provide a simple enjoyment to just sitting back and taking it all in. With a run time of 45 minutes this movie is long enough to be interesting and get its message across but short enough that audiences won't become restless.

As a parent, I always appreciate opportunities where my kids are learning while having fun and that is absolutely the case when it comes to viewing BACKYARD WILDERNESS. In fact, I learned a few things myself … did you know that some ducks build nests high up in trees? I did not!  You'll be shocked how baby ducklings leave these nests. That is a sight to behold and very memorable scene from the movie.

BACKYARD WILDERNESS will be playing for limited engagements at museums and science centers across the country and around the world throughout 2019. In addition to The Henry Ford, other locations showing the film during the year include Carnegie Science Centre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the Museum of Natural Science in Houston, Texas and China's Science and Technology Museum in Beijing. For more information about the movie and locations that it can be seen at, please visit

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