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**Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.**

I grew up reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mystery novels. So I felt some nostalgia when my daughter started checking out Nancy Drew books from her school library to read at home. She has really been enjoying reading this series and was thrilled when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment sent us a brand new Nancy Drew movie to view.

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase is based upon the second book in this classic mystery series that was originally published in 1930. This 2019 film adaption modernizes the story and portrays Nancy as a rebellious high schooler compared to a college aged woman in the book to make her more relatable to teen and tween aged audiences. Actress Sophia Lillis does a nice job portraying Nancy Drew as a likeable character who has a tendency to get herself into trouble through impulsive behavior.

We had a great family movie night watching Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. It is a movie that all ages can enjoy watching together, though there is one haunting scene that may be too intense and scary for younger viewers which involves Nancy confronting the ghostly figure of a "pig man." Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase is rated PG for peril, suggestive material, thematic elements and language.

Our whole family burst out laughing in a scene where Nancy engages in a hilarious prank seeking revenge for a cyber bullied friend. This leads her on a path to investigating a haunted house. Shocked to find out that this house may actually be haunted, Nancy also finds herself immersed in another mystery of what has happened to her father who has gone missing while she was investigating ghosts at the Twin Elms mansion. What is going on here and are these two incidents connected?

Watch Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, which is available now on Digital and will be released April 2, 2019 on Blu-ray and DVD, to solve this mystery. To help readers and social media followers enjoy their own family movie night, Warner Bros Home Entertainment has provided us with a Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Combo Pack for a blog giveaway plus provided Escape Room & Mystery Match online games to share with you. Have yourself a good time playing these games and watching this mystery flick for a fun family movie night.


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Enjoy these two online Nancy Drew games. In ESCAPE ROOM you must solve riddles and find items to uncover the three numbers needed to open the door to escape the room. Use your mouse to click + drag puzzle pieces to unlock clips from the film in the MYSTERY MATCH Video Puzzle.


The iconic mystery solving teenager from the classic Nancy Drew books is back with an all-new feature length film that will keep you guessing until the very end! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase on Digital starting March 26, 2019 and Blu-ray™ Combo Pack & DVD on April 2, 2019. Executive Produced by Ellen DeGeneres, the film stars Sophia Lillis (IT and “Sharp Objects”), Sam Trammell (“True Blood” and “This is Us”), and Linda Lavin (“The Good Wife” and“Alice”) and follows Nancy Drew in her new town, making new friends and on a mission to solve the case! The film carries a suggested retail price of $19.99 for the Digital, $19.98 for the DVD and $28.98 for the Blu-ray Combo Pack.

After the death of his wife, Carson Drew decides to leave Chicago behind and make a fresh start with his daughter in River Heights. But for 16-year-old Nancy Drew, life in a small town is mighty dull. She longs for excitement, adventure, and the chance to make a difference. Nancy gets that opportunity when she is asked to help solve the ghostly activity at the Twin Elms mansion. Can she help explain the creaking footsteps, exploding lightbulbs and the ominous creature? Is it the handiwork of high-school bully Derek Barnes? Or is it possible that the ghost of original owner Malcolm Colfax is back for revenge? Recruiting her best friends George and Bess, along with local “mean girl” Helen, Nancy Drew is on the case!


My daughter was delighted by Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. She loved Sophia Lillis' portrayal of the teen detective. She also felt the movie was entertaining and also did a nice job of encompassing the book's original plot.

I joined my daughter in appreciating Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase as it captured my interest throughout the movie. The movie transported me back to my own youth reading Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew books in bed under the sheets with a flashlight at night when I was the age my daughter is now. It was fun enjoying this move together with her plus my son and wife expressed liking the film too. So obviously Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

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