Monday, March 23, 2020


So often it seems that the man or woman with tattooed arms or calves gets a whisper and a second glance, but how taboo is getting a tattoo? Tattoo parlors can be found on the sidewalks or street corners of cities large and small, and you would be hard-pressed to find a dimly lit basement operation still scratching out homemade designs and sketchy situations. Tattoos have grown in popularity, slowing encouraging cultural acceptance. People get to tattoos for a number of reasons, all of which are equally important to the one choosing to etch a memory or design in permanent ink. If you’ve been on the fence about tattooing your shoulder blade or ankle, here are some great reasons encouraging you to go out and get that tattoo you’ve been eying.

You Are in Control

When it comes to your body, you do have the power choice. Though there are debates raging across the nation of women’s choice, you do have the ability to mark up your body for whatever reason you choose. It doesn’t have to mean anything or it can be an obscure stretch of the imagination. Whatever you decide, the choice gets to be yours.

You Can Express Yourself

Some individuals have creative outlets available for self-expression, while others are left wondering how to make their mark. A tattoo is a way to celebrate your individuality and identity. Since they are intensely personal decisions, you don’t need to wonder if others understand what your image represents or why a particular design matters. You are able to be yourself and let your body art reflect that.

You Can Preserve Memories

Many times people will use tattoos as a way to preserve a momentous occasion or a precious memory. If you select the wrong event, perhaps the name of a spouse, you may have a permanent reminder of unhappy times, especially if that marriage ends in a divorce. Some people prefer to memorialize loved ones or pets that have died. Because of the long-term presence of a tattoo, choosing your memory or situation carefully will make sure that it isn’t a decision you regret down the road. Some tattoo artists have the talent and skill to put a portrait of a loved one on your desired location, but make sure you get a rendering before you purchase and start the process.

You Can Inspire

Maybe you aren’t into reading motivational material each morning before you head to work. You can use a tattoo as a source of consistent motivation. Whether you choose an animal, character, or symbol, such as the actual Greek symbol of strength, you give yourself a reality check each time you get in the shower or look in the mirror. If you need the courage to move forward past heartaches and troubles, the Greek symbol of strength can be the imagery you need to muster up a deep breath and head to face the day.

You Can Create a Brotherhood

This is commonly seen in different branches of the military, where men that were stationed in a certain company or group get a similar tattoo to identify their bond. Perhaps you are close-knit with your college fraternity or you have joined a community like AA. A tattoo can become a symbol of your membership or relationship to a particular community or network.

You Can Develop Self-Esteem

Some people choose to get a tattoo as a way to cover a scar or skin marking that may be embarrassing. Those who are shy can find a boost in their self-esteem when they get a tattoo, as does take a pretty strong constitution to endure the process.
Going forward, don’t walk down the street and judge someone that’s gotten a tattoo. They have embraced the beauty of their body and chosen to make themselves a unique display of vision and creativity.

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