Friday, January 29, 2021


airpop masks

The release of a vaccine I've notice has created a confidence that both judges and my clients are becoming more demanding of a return to the courtroom for in-person appearance for this attorney's criminal defense caseload. Yet at a same time more infectious variants of COVID-19 are immerging here in Michigan and in just last two weeks I've had cases adjourned because of coronavirus outbreaks have shuttered courthouses for staff quarantines. Being told that I may not be able to get a COVID vaccine shot until this summer yet being ordered to participate in close contact with a high risk population of people for work it was time to up my mask protection.

I've started wearing an AirpOp multi-layer mask for added protection for situations when indoor, close contact with other people can't be avoided. AirpOp masks 99.3% particle filtration and 99.9% bacterial filtration providing me with some peace of mind when out and about for work. The outer hard shell of this AirpOp protects the inner micro-fiber filter from abrasion, temperature fluctuations and water plus is designed to promote airflow for balanced circulation making the mask more comfortable and functional to wear. The replaceable inner filter uses electrostatically charged, double TorayMicron nano-fiber core layers to block particulates like those that spread the COVID virus.


Here is why I am putting my trust into my AirpOp mask:

360° SOFT TOUCH SEAL | The inner filter has a patented medical-grade double membrane that is hygienic, thin, flexible & skin soft for continuous comfort. It creates an airtight seal around your mouth and nose so that airflow has to go through the filter and can't slip around it yet doesn't make the mask uncomfortable to wear. 

airpop health masks

airpop masks

| The flexible outer frame keeps the filter open in correct shape when snapped into the shell and reinforces the filter's structural integrity. While it works well the filters don't snap in as firmly as you'd expect so be careful to make sure your two pieces are as snug as they should be instead of just taking the connection for granted. That has been my only frustration with this mask design.

airpop masks

AERODOME DESIGN | The outer shell design of this two piece mask creates a canopy of clean air and balanced air circulation. I've felt a lot less constricted breathing when wearing this AirpOp compared to other masks.

40 HOUR WEAR TIME | The replaceable filters are designed for cumulative use of one week or no more than 40 hours. You can wear the mask for a work week before having to replace it. The mask originally comes with four filters so you are good for a month before needing refills. You can pop a filter in on a Monday morning and be good until the next week comes around.

airpop health

If you are looking for some extra protection to get through the winter weather during this pandemic, check out masks from AirpOp. I've appreciated the protection and feel of my AirpOp mask when having to be in some uncomfortable situations. So AirpOp absolutely gets a Geek Daddy nod of approval!

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