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Today marks the date Star Trek debuted in the United States. It first aired broadcast by NBC on September 8, 1966. Creator Gene Roddenberry aimed to take the Western genre that was popular that time and transport those stories to a Sci-Fi themed outer space setting. Launching way before Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, more than fifty years later that original tv series has led Science Fiction to overtaking Westerns in popularity, has a diehard fan base, and inspired numerous television shows and movies that continue the mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise "to explore strange, new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before."

STAR TREK A CELEBRATION published by Hero Collector, the publishing division of Eaglemoss Collections which is known for crafting highly detailed science fiction themed models, toys and collectibles, is the definitive guide to the making of the original Star Trek television show. This 255 page hardcover table top book features cast and crew interviews, never before seen art and sketches, and more! It is a comprehensive collection of information and imagery that any Star Trek fan will be geeked to read through.

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STAR TREK A CELEBRATION has extensive character profiles both on the crew members featured in the pilot for the show such as Captain Pike and Dr. Boyce to the cast we all know and love from the series that made it onto NBC and into syndication including Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura. Who is your favorite Star Trek character from the original series? Mine is that indispensable engineer Mr. Scott who was a miracle worker at getting the starship out of danger in just the nick of time.

Star Trek Book

I'm always excited by blueprints and diagrams of sci-fi space ships and this book doesn't disappoint in that regard. There is a tremendous section full of artwork depicting the design of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Ever heard of Jefferies Tubes? These are what access corridors used for doing maintenance on Federation starships are called in the movies and tv series that follow the original Star Trek. They are named after Walter Jefferies who designed sets and props for the original Star Trek episodes. This chapter is complimented by commentary by Jeffries himself on his designing the Starship Enterprise. Awesome!

Star Trek

There are also sections of the book devoted to show props like the communicator that inspired today's wireless phones, the art department that made strange new worlds come alive on television screens, and the costume designers that dressed characters to reflect the clothing worn in this futuristic science fiction voyage. The book even has a chapter that shows some of the magic that went into creating the special effects done by the show's VFX department.

Star Trek tv show props

star trek

STAR TREK CELEBRATION is chock full of behind the scenes pictures, imagery from episodes, and insights by cast and crew about the series' production. I was just wowed by this book. It absolutely earns a Geek Daddy nod of approval for allowing Star Trek fans to become totally immersed within the creation of this pop culture sensation.

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  1. My favorite character from the original show is definitely Scotty and I live by his principles