Monday, November 22, 2021


Groo the Wander

Eisner Award-winning Groo the Wanderer created by renowned cartoonist Sergio Aragonés, now in its landmark 40th year of publication, is the longest currently-running independent and “creator-owned” comic book property. It has actually outlasted a number of companies that have published it.  Aragonés creation will now be stepping out of the pages of Dark Horse Comics, which has been Groo the Wanderer's home for the last 23 years, to be featured in an animated movie and/or television series in a new licensing deal with Did I Err Productions.

Groo the Wanderer follows the exploits of a barbarian warrior who is invincible in battle, but negotiates his days with an I.Q. three points lower than a boulder. With his trusty canine sidekick Rufferto, he wanders an ancient land of mystery, magic and mayhem, looking only for a warm place to sleep, a few coins, or a taste of cheese dip.

Aragonés is the most honored cartoonist on the planet, having won every major award in the field, including the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award and the Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award. His irresistible cartoons have appeared in MAD since 1963, including as the subject of "All-Sergio" special editions of the magazine. His artistic creations have been seen in DC Comics, Marvel Comics and just about every major publisher of funnybooks, and his work has been translated into more than 100 languages. Paperback collections of his work and graphic novels have sold into the millions.

Sergio Aragonés

Yet despite the long run of Groo the Wanderer and Aragonés accolades this will be the first animation effort featuring the goofy barbarian warrior. How do you think the character will translate from comic books to tv or movies? Are you excited about seeing Groo the Wanderer animated? I'm geeked!

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