Sunday, February 5, 2012


If you have preschool toddlers like me than you are probably very familiar with Nickelodeon's  Dora the Explorer television show which combines fun with educational exercises for an interesting learning experience.  Nickelodeon is launching a new animated show, MIKE THE KNIGHT,  which transports modern preschoolers into a medieval world filled with  dragons, princesses, horses, castles, and knights of course, that teach educational lessons on problem-solving and self-confidence.  Huzzah!

Mike the Knight must rise up to solve missions in each episode with the help of his two best friends, a pair of comedic dragons named Sparkie & Squirt.  Joining along in the adventures is Mike's trusted steed,  Galahad, who helps keep this adventurous gang on the right track. Huzzah!

I watched a special kick-off showing of MIKE THE KNIGHT with my kids that aired Friday, February 3 on Nickelodeon and was impressed by how my twin 3 year olds interacted with the show laughing at skits and shouting out answers to challenges presented in the show.  It was a hit!  In fact, my son has been asking me all weekend when he can watch the dragons again on tv!  Fortunately that won't be that far away with Nickelodeon debuting the regular airing of MIKE THE KNIGHT on Monday, February 6 2012 @ Noon ET & PT.  Brand new episodes will be airing all this week to kickoff MIKE THE KNIGHT's first season.  Huzzah!

And what's with all the Huzzah's? Huzzah is Mike the Knight's catch phrase when he successfully completes a challenge or mission.  I'm sure this is a word I'm going to hear a lot of around the house in the future.  Nickelodeon has posted some fun crafts, coloring pages, and games,  along with more information about the show and its characters , which you can check out by clicking here. 

Check out the premiere week of MIKE THE KNIGH February 6 - 10, 2012 on Nickelodeon airing at Noon ET/PT.

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