Friday, December 8, 2017

Twenty five gifts under $25 Dollars at GameStop

I popped into a GameStop the other day for the first time in awhile to pick up something and was amazed by all the interesting stuff they have in stock now that goes way beyond video games. GameStop still is a great spot for gamers to swing by for consoles, equipment and video games but these stores have also become a great place for purchasing cool pop culture and collectible merchandise as well including clothing, toys and more!  Still have holiday shopping to do?  GameStop is a one-stop-shop with a huge selection of awesome gifts under $25.

Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa surprises, white elephant exchange items, or gifts for a geek or gamer in your life, GameStop is sure to have something that will be a perfect present for friends and family of any age.  Not only will you find presents that are sure to delight their recipients at GameStop but purchasing them there also won't break the bank with the store's affordable prices.  Check out 25 great gift ideas that each cost $25 or less at GameStop:
             1.    Pokémon Gallery Figures: Mew Psychic + Pikachu Thunderbolt
Sculpted and painted to showcase motion and power, Pokémon Gallery Figures capture Pokémon and their moves in amazing battle poses. Mew uses Psychic and the ever-powerful Pikachu battles using Thunderbolt! $16.99

2.     Fingerlings – Collect them all!
Fingerlings are interactive pets that love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in monkey babble! They come in a variety of colors including white, black, pink, purple, blue and turquoise. Adopt them all and have even more fun monkeying around! $18.99

3.     Star Wars: The Black Series – Battlefront II Inferno Squadron Agent Figure (GameStop Exclusive)
Pretend to fend off the Rebellion with the Star Wars: The Black Series 6-inch Inferno Squadron Pilot figure from the all-new Star Wars: Battlefront II video game. A perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. $22.99

4.     Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 4-Pack
Each of these four adorable mini collectible Hatchimals come inside small, speckled eggs. Press on the egg to crack it and discover which CollEGGtible is inside—more than 70 to collect! You never know when you will find an ultra-rare and special edition Hatchimals! $9.99

5.     Pixel Pals
Light up your world with Pixel Pals; 8-bit figurine collectible pixel-art renditions of the most iconic characters in the history of gaming! $14.99

6.     Funko POP! Vinyl
Everyone’s favorite big-headed POP! Vinyl collectible figures come in an array of characters ranging from movies, TV series, superheroes, Disney and video game characters, plus more! $11.99

7.     Pokémon Trading Card Game: Burning Shadows Sleeved Booster Pack
Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon- Burning Shadows expansion booster packs feature 12 new Pokémon-GX and 6 new full-art supporter cards featuring human characters. $3.99

8.     Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Maker
Make your kitchen explode with this awesome BB-8 Waffle Maker. Plug it in, warm it up, and pour the batter onto the non-stick cooking plates. In just minutes, you'll have delicious golden waffles with a printed BB-8 design to dig into. $18.97

9.     Stranger Things Action Figure, 3 Pack
Three-pack figurines from Netflix’s original series Stranger Things, feature some of your favorite characters: Will, Dustin, Demogorgon, Lucas, Mike, and Eleven – with her signature waffle, of course! $19.99

10.  Pokémon Pikachu Portable Charger
The Pikachu Portable Charger features one of your favorite electric-type Pokémon ready to Thunder Shock your phone back to life. It charges devices via USB port on Pikachu’s side and includes a handy bag strap, so you can power up on-the-go. $9.99

11.  Pokémon Trading Card Game: Mega Tyranitar-EX Premium Collection
Mega Tyranitar-EX brings all the power of a major force of destruction! With the Mega Tyranitar-EX Premium Collection, you get Mega Tyranitar-EX as a giant oversize card, plus a set of three amazing cards that work together: Tyranitar-EX, Mega Tyranitar-EX, and Tyranitar Spirit Link! $17.99

12.  Amiibo Figure Accessories
Get cool in-game extras with Amiibo figure accessories. Just tap an Amiibo accessory to the NFC Touchpoint on any compatible system or accessory to enjoy fun, in-game extra features. Works on compatible games on the Nintendo Switch system, New Nintendo 3DS system, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL and Wii U consoles. $15.99

13.  Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Hat
Step up your Mario cosplay with this replica fitted Cappy Hat from Nintendo's Super Mario Odyssey. Just don't go throwing it on people, this isn't New Donk City! $24.99

14.  Call of Duty WWII Victory Olive Green T-Shirt
Take to the sky and fight for victory in new gear from Call of Duty WWII, such as this military green Wings for Victory T-shirt. $19.99

15.  Overwatch Hangers Blind Bag
Each Overwatch backpack hanger blind bag contains one Overwatch figure hanger with characters such as Ana, Mei, McCree and more. $6.99

16.  Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel
Feel like you’re flying down the track in your favorite Nintendo Switch racing game with the Switch Joy-Con Wheel—a must-have Switch accessory. $14.99

17.  Tamagotchi
Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Tamagotchi with a smaller version of the original digital pet you love! Feed it, clean up after it and just take care of it! All six new styles can attach to your bag and go everywhere with you! $16.99

18.  Pokémon Eevee Evolutions Plush Clip
These Pokémon Eevee Evolution danglers are an adorable and fierce accessory for any Pokémon trainer. The danglers can be strapped to your mobile phone, keychain or backpack. Collect all nine Eevee’s! $8.99

19.  Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case
Protect your Nintendo Switch with this Deluxe travel case, featuring a Super Mario Odyssey image. The case has a padded divider, zippered mesh pocket for Joy-Con straps and extra game cards. It also comes with two red transparent game cases and micro SD card cases. $19.99

20.  DC Justice League Hero Plushies
Fun-sized plushies featuring your favorite DC Justice League characters such as Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, Batman and other heroes. Collect and display them all! $7.97

21.  Deadpool Reversible Unisex Crew Socks
Keep your feet toasty and ready to dance around the house with these Deadpool reversible crew socks. $14.99

22.  Minecraft Baby Wolf Plush
Take home a new best friend from the retro fantasy construction world of Minecraft. The soft Minecraft Baby Wolf stuffed plush is both fun to cuddle and play with. $12.99

23.  Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Vader RC Car
The sleek black vehicle’s shape recalls the iconic helmet of Darth Vader. Glowing light sabers decorate each side, and as it rolls, it emits authentic Darth Vader sound effects for maximum intimidation. $3.97

24.  Super Mario Stress Ball
Need to relieve some stress? These Super Mario stress balls will do the trick. Choose from Boo, Shell, Question Block or Mushroom. $5.99

25.  Gift Cards for $25
And if you just can’t make up your mind, a $25 GameStop gift card is always a crowd-pleaser. Step back and allow that special someone to snag the GameStop gear they’ve had their eye on.

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  1. I know Pokemon is a hot commodity this year. I'm not surprised that Pokemon items made this list repeatedly! There are so many wonderful ideas! Thanks!

  2. Great to know because I have no littles anymore, but have to purchase some gifts for a few friend's kids. Thanks for this!

  3. I love Fingerlings! They're so cute, and would keep our kids highly entertained for hours. They're all the rage this holiday season. Great gift ideas!

  4. Pokemon is a very popular game right now. A great gift for any Pokemon fan. Who doesn't like Star Wars? This would be a fun one to get for our kids. I like being able to get great gifts for less!
    Pokemon is a very popular game right now. A great gift for any Pokemon fan. Who doesn't like Star Wars? This would be a fun one to get for our kids. I like being able to get great gifts for less!

  5. Good luck getting a fingerling. My kids have one and played with him for 5 minutes. Such is life. We're always in GameStop.

  6. I haven't been to a GameStop in quite some time, but these are some great gift ideas. I'd definitely be happy to get one of those Star Wars waffle makers in my stocking!

  7. This is super helpful! We have a limit on gift spending for part of my family and that part also has a lot of younger people and kids. It is super hard to find things they will love that don't cost much. This is all I needed!

  8. Those are some cool games! I wish we have GameStop here, my son would love some new games.

  9. I was able to get a blue monkey Fingerling but have had a hard time finding the Hatchimals Egg Packs. I can find Hatchimals but those egg carton minis are going fast.

  10. These are surely great stuff this holiday for kids. I love the pokemon go. <3

  11. I had no idea Game Stop even sold most of the items on your list. I just thought it was all games and game related things. I will have toc check it out

  12. This is a great list for so many people on my shopping list. My kids have been asking for those Fingerlings! Gotta pick them up!

  13. Had no idea you could find all this at GameStop. I thought they had just games, I would have never guessed they had items like the Hatchimals or Fingerlings.

  14. I can't find Fingerlings anywhere!! They are so popular.

  15. I forget all the cool stuff they have in there sometimes. I need to check it out. I think my daughter would love the BB-8 waffle maker.

  16. I didn't know GameStop had such cool gifts. I'm sure the kids would love the Fingerlings, Pokeman and Tamegotchi!

  17. Great list. This is my 17 year old's fave store. I'm also getting him a gift card from there!

  18. This is a great list! Those Fingerlings are so popular. It's good to know a local store that carries them.

  19. Oh my boys favorite store. I just bought my boys a bunch of stocking stuffers there.

  20. Awesome list! I'll use it when I go Christmas shopping for my brother since it's his favorite store.

  21. We have boys, so the POP figures are HUGE in our house. In fact, we were there tonight and picked up several as stocking stuffers.