Thursday, December 7, 2017


Knowing I appreciate ARMITRON watches, the company sent me a couple of them they are highlighting as gift suggestions this holiday season.  It was Christmas come early for me while opening a gift bag they sent my way that included an athletic sports watch with duel analog / digital features and chronograph functions along with a sporty black stainless steel analog watch that looks impressive whether you are matching it with a suit or jeans and a sweater.  I've been a fan of Armitron watches for a long time because they are dependable, durable and stylish as well as affordable.

Busy guys can trust Armitron to reliably help them keep track of time with watches that also look sharp to people who notice them being worn on your wrist.  For those of us who can't afford spending thousands of dollars to buy a wrist watch because that money could be better used for other obligations, like a kid's braces or a family vacation, Armitron products tend to be under $100 and provide a tremendous bang for your buck based upon the quality these watches provide.  I wear Armitron watches all the time for both work and play!

I started off the holiday season wearing Armitron's duel analog / digital sports watch to the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade.  Its black resin strap was really comfortable to wear on a cold day and the alarm on the watch came in handy to give me a reminder about when we had to get ready to leave so we wouldn't be late arriving at my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Its chronograph with lap time will be useful when training at the high school track training for my next 5K fun run plus its countdown timer will be useful while coaching my kids' soccer teams so I know exactly how much time we have left throughout their games.

This watch shows the time with analog movement through hour, minute, and second sweep hands.  Its digital features in addition to an alarm, chronograph and timer also includes the date, time displayed in the 24 hour military format, and a backlight with 3 second delay.  It is water resistant to 330 feet which means you could feel comfortable keeping this watch on for a swim without ruining it.  At a suggested retail price of $55 this watch sure is a bargain.  I'll absolutely be getting a lot of use out of this Armitron watch myself!

I've been wearing my black stainless steel Armitron watch with my suits to work as well as when I needed to dress up for a holiday Christmas party.  Yet it also looks nice with a casual look as I have it on while typing this wearing khakis and a sweat shirt.  I really like the black and silver coloring of the watch along with its classic Roman numeral lettering on the dial.

Its stainless steel bracelet and casing makes for a sturdy watch yet it feels very lightweight on your wrist.  The watch has silver toned analog hour, minute and second sweep hands along with a panel that highlights the day of the week and date.  With a 165 feet water resistant rate it isn't as flexible for use around the water as the watch above but is still made well enough that you shouldn't worry about casually getting it wet.  At a suggested retail price of $95 this Armitron watch is dressy but not pretentious and a really great buy for the price.

There are more than 70 watches in each of Armitron's men's and women's collections to choose from. You can find Armitron watches at retailers across the United States or purchase them directly from the manufacturer at  Whether looking for a watch for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you can't go wrong with an Armitron.

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