Sunday, April 15, 2012


I’m a huge fan of “The Far Side” comics by Gary Larson and have to admit there is still a little bit of a void in my life since he stopped publishing new material in 1995.  Larson’s work is a hilarious  anthropomorphic portrayal of our world featuring improbable events and logical fallacies.  Yes, friends and family often provide me with gifts of new books and calendars featuring his comics but these are all rehashes of his previous work being republished in new compilations.  So I became really excited when some publicity for a new novel that reminds me somewhat of Larson’s work caught my eye … and to make it even better these comics’ content focus on the Star Wars universe and the adventures involved with being a Dad; which I can really relate to at this stage in my life.

Cartoonist Jeffrey Brown has created a fun book full of illustrations portraying Darth Vader as a doting dad in CHRONICLE BOOKSDarth Vader & Son.”  Brown looks at the special bond between father and son through a humorous perspective and fresh take on the Dark Lord of the Sith.  This book features 64 pages of artwork with a fresh mind’s eye of a galaxy far, far away.  Readers can get a laugh at the joys of parenting through Brown’s full color sketches on topics such as Light Saber Batting Practice, Space Ship Rides, Trick-or-Treating, Take Your Child to Work Day, and A Visit to the Zoo.

In an interview with GMA NEWS, Brown says of the book "it was fun to have Darth Vader as a powerful man who is powerless against a four-year-old." He notes that the project was initially created for use as Google Doodles on the search engine for a Fathers Day promotion but that panned out and the opportunity for this book emerged with CHRONICLE BOOKS. To read the full GMA NEWS article, click here.

Father’s Day is coming up in a few weeks and this would be an awesome gift for the Geek Daddy in your house.  I’ve only seen the preview cartoons online so far (HINT, HINT to my wife and kids) but from what I’ve seen so far this looks like a must have for any Dad who is a Star Wars’ fan.

CLICK HERE for more information or to order “Darth Vader & Son” from CHRONICLE BOOKS

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