Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Disney Airs New TV Series for Little Princesses

It's all about Cinderella right now when it comes to my 4 year old daughter, she has books for bed time reading, dolls with dresses that she constantly asks to be switched or rearranged every 5 minutes, and the movie on DVD that she wants to watch EVERY day.  So she is very excited to see a new tv show premiering on the Disney/Disney Jr. cable channels this Friday January 11 aimed at preschoolers who love Princesses.  "Sofia the First" is the story of an average girl who becomes a Princess when her mother marries the king.  It's a spin-off of a made-for-tv movie "Once Upon a Princess" featuring Sofia that Disney featured on its cable channels back in November 2012 that we were lucky enough to catch on a rainy day when we were out of town on vacation last year and it kept our kids very amused for a few hours.  Based upon their enjoyment of the movie I'm sure both my son and daughter will also enjoy this new tv series. Check out the trailer for yourself:

Right now itunes has the first episode of the tv series plus a few music videos available to download for FREE, but I'm not sure how long that will last, so check it out while you can:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/sofia-the-first-vol.-1/id583169910 

My wife pointed out to me while we were watching the tv movie and a music video following it that the voice for Sofia is the younger daughter on the two high school girls in Modern Family.  Her name is Ariel Winter and I have to give her credit for having an incredible singing voice that you wouldn't have known from watching the comedy sitcom.  Kudos to Ariel for showcasing that talent with this Sofia role. Here she is singing one of the songs from the show:

Disney has created a downloadable viewing party kit for parents to make watching the tv series premiere on Friday extra special that includes a printable crown you can get here:  http://a.dolimg.com/en-US/disneyjunior/media/pdf/coloring_and_create/djr_col_sof_RoyalActivityKit.pdf  They also have online video games you can enjoy with your kids here:  http://disney.go.com/disneyjunior/sofia-the-first/sofia-the-first-games

One of my kids' favorite shows on tv right now is JAKE & THE NEVERLAND PIRATES which airs on Disney/Disney Jr cable networks.  If they do the same job of associating Cinderella to "Sofia" as they did Peter Pan to "Jake" this could work out well as a tie-in for preschoolers to the Wonderful World of Disney.  We've found JAKE & THE NEVERLAND PIRATES to be an enjoyable and educational outlet for our kids that we are comfortable letting our children watch and SOFIA THE FIRST looks to be a similar format that we will absolutely be checking out.

SOFIA THE FIRST will air on the Disney Channel @ 9:30 am E.T. / 8:30 am C.T. beginning Friday, January 11, 2013

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