Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spring Cleaning Time

My home office is starting to get a little cluttered and dingy so this year I'm going to get a jump start on Spring cleaning beginning this weekend.  The walls are going to get a new paint job, files I don't need are being archived and all the "stuff" that has accumulated around the room over the last year is going to be cleaned up. Oh yeah ... and maybe it is time for a new desk?!

Become a follower of "A Geek Daddy" blog and leave a comment below on whether you think I should pick:

OPTION A:  The bright and sleek star fighter that will help me TIE all my tech together:

OPTION B: The cool dark piece of furniture that portrays an elegant desk for a civilized time

Let me know in the comment section below which is your favorite desk & why?

Please note though that my wife has final veto power on any furniture decisions so it may end up looking more like this guy's home office I saw on

I'll post the vote winner on my twitter account @Geeky_Dad next week so give the blog a follow now and vote for your favorite Star Wars desk in this post's comment section.

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