Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday 2013

It's SUPER SUNDAY and my family is prepped and ready to spend this evening couchgating as we enjoy lots of junk food, watching the big game, and of course all the commercials that air during it.  One of my favorite all-time Super Bowl commercials was the one a few years ago where the shark thinks a swimmer is a hostess cupcake.  Out of nowhere that commercial will pop into my head to give me a chuckle and a smile!

This year's commercials air time is priced at $3.8 million for a :30 second ad so you'd hope they would all be as memorable as THE SHARK! Here are a few sneak peeks of what is airing this evening...what do you think? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD - Don't watch if you want to be surprised while watching the game!

HYUNDAI's "Epic Play Date" does a GREAT job of portraying an average day in the Geek Daddy's household:

Hyundai is actually going out this year with a BIG investment in this year's Super Bowl having 4 ads which are all really good!

KIA stole my ANSWER in this commercial - "Space Babies!"

This SPEEDSTICK commercial made me chuckle

VW's gotten a little heat about this commercial that portrays white Midwestern guys as Jamaicans

But Sandals Resorts has come back with their own spoof of VW ribbing Germans (not airing on tv):

Well than there is GoDaddy web services ... well what can I say :-)

Big Bang Theory's Katie Cuoco gets some exposure with appearances in 2 commercials - one for PRICELINE & one for TOYOTA

Got MILK? The Rock makes an appearance too!

The Clydesdale horses have become a mainstay of the Super Bowl ads and are back.  This year Budweiser is also featuring a twitter contest tied to the commercial where you can name the baby clydesdal

Wouldn't be a Super Bowl without COKE & PEPSI duking it out during the commercial breaks:

FIAT has also invested heavily in this year's Super Bowl with 5 spots working to leverage there controlling stake in Chrysler to introduce their models here in the USA.  The spots all have a bringing Italian culture to America theme.  Sorry I couldn't find any spots from Chrysler, Ford or GM to review & post but I'm sure we will see a few tonight!

Last but not least ... here are some trailers that will be airing during the game from some of the blockbusters that I know I really want to see at the movie theater this year: Iron Man 3, Star Trek, The Lone Ranger & OZ the Great and Powerful.

The OZ spot is just a teaser and you'll have to watch the game to see the real spot!

Watch these spots now and share your thoughts about them in the comment section below or come back after the Big Game and share your opinions with us on what you thought were the best ads of the night. 

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