Saturday, January 26, 2013

There really are hidden messages in movies!

If you look closely into the scenes of your favorite movies you can see mysterious and spooky clues about events that will take place in the future.  Really … try it out by looking past the main characters and action sequences deep into the scenes and all will be revealed to you! 

Recently DISNEY purchased the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas which was a move that caught many people off guard, but look closely in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and you can see Mickey Mouse everywhere. Was this a clue to the future?

Now just this last week,  J.J. Abrams (the director of the rebooted STAR TREK franchise) was given the helm by DISNEY for also leading the creation of a brand new STAR WARS movie.  Is this brand new news or was it pre-ordained in 2009 when Abrams included a reference to Star Wars in his Star Trek movie? Check this out:

YES, that is R2-D2, one of Star Wars’ most popular characters flying through the debris as the crew of the Enterprise looks on!

Wow! Are these mysterious messages that give us a glimpse into the future?!  No, not really. Actually in many movies there are images hidden within the scenes as inside jokes by the Director.  These images have come to become known as “easter eggs” and often are meant as hidden salutes to other movies.  It’s just ironic that George Lucas included a salute to one of his mentors Walt Disney in the Empire Strikes Back and J.J. Abrams gave a poke to George Lucas in Star Trek.

Sometimes though easter eggs are meant to give a glimpse of the future. Pixar is an example of a studio that has become amazingly astute with inserting easter eggs into its movies to give a sneak peak of things to come.

Monsters, Inc.  in 2001 gave us a glimpse of Nemo whose movie came out in 2003:

In Finding Nemo  (2003) we are given a preview of Mr. Incredible from the movie The Incredibles that was released in 2004:

Movie goers were given a peak at Doc Hudson from CARS (2006) during The Incredibles (2004):

Is that Dug the Dog from UP! (2009) in Ratatouille (2007)?

And the bear villain from Toy Story 3 (2010) makes an appearance in UP (2009)!

And look there’s a poster of Finn McMissile on Andy’s Wall in Toy Story 3 giving a sneak peek at CARS2!

In BRAVE we see a wood carving of Sully … is that the easter egg for “Monsters University”?  The Monsters Inc. sequel “Monsters University” hits theaters on June 21, 2013

Here are a couple of other examples of easter eggs in films I’ve seen:

In Raiders of the Lost Ark you can see Star Wars characters R2-D2 & C3PO in the hieroglyphics in this scene:

Did you also notice Indiana Jones escapes from the CLUB OBI WAN in The Temple of Doom?

George Lucas repaid the Indiana Jones references with a nod to Steven Spielberg in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.  Look it’s E.T. in the galactic senate!

In this scene from Kevin Smith’s Mall Rats Jeremy London’s character TS Quint picks up a hat that has “Clerks” printed on it in reference to Smith’s first film, Clerks

In the movie TRON, is that Pac-Man I see in the scene?

What easter eggs have you found in movies? Become a member of my "a geek daddy" blog and share with us in the comment section below what your favorites are: 

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