Friday, March 22, 2013

Sid the Science Kid: THE MOVIE!

Sid, the inquisitive preschooler who has a popular 1/2 hour television show on PBS where he and his friends engage in scientific and educational themed adventures is getting his own feature length movie.  SID THE SCIENCE KID: THE MOVIE will be airing on Monday, March 25 on PBS stations across the United States and than will be available for purchase on DVD and via iTunes on April 2, 2013.  CLICK HERE to check out when the movie will be broadcast by your local PBS affiliate.  

While most of the Sid the Science Kid tv series episodes are based at Sid's preschool or home, the movie takes the adventure on the road.  Sid wins a contest and gets to go for a VIP tour of the Super Ultimate Science Museum along with his friend Gabriela who he picks to tag along with him on the trip.  When they get to the museum their tour is led by a scientist named Dr. Bonabodon, voiced by the man who set the standard for crazy scientist characters in movies Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd, and his robotic tour guides.  From their hijinks and adventure ensue!

Check out this preview from the movie:

PBS has a nice web site section for parents that gives an overview of Sid the Science Kid: The Movie and provides some interesting tips and tools to use for interacting with your kids to increase the fun and educational value of watching the movie together.  It shows you how to make a marshmallow catapult and a robot from recycled materials. It also provides a fun coloring sheet for your kids.  Visit to download the info. I know we'll be trying out this catapult idea and tuning in to the movie at our house next week!

Sid the Science Kid is produced by the JIM HENSON COMPANY ( ) who originally created Sesame Street & the Muppets and are now working on entertaining and educational projects for children like Dinosaur Train and the Pajanimals.

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