Thursday, June 27, 2013

Overcoming the Shin Splint Dilemma

I ran competitively on high school and college cross country & track teams setting a few records and winning a few championships.  This year I turned 40 and as I looked in the mirror saw someone who used to enjoy running but hadn’t hit the pavement or a trail for a jaunt in nearly ten years.  So I decided to lace up the shoes and start running again!

Unfortunately, the muscles in my calves and ankles have weakened causing shin splints whenever I try to get a running routine into place.  I could only make it a few blocks before having to stop from overwhelming pain in my ankles or having my calf muscles lock up on me.  Reaching out for advice I was consistently told the only way to stop the pain was to get rest…but that wasn’t going to strengthen my muscles to overcome the problem when I was healed up from having strained them and wanted to go on my next run.

MEDI-DYNE came to my rescue! They saw me tweeting about my shin splint problems and provided me with a PROSTRETCH +PLUS to help with the problem.  I’m pleased to say it has worked!!!

I’ve been using the PROSTRETCH +PLUS for a few weeks now and it has been GREAT!!!  Before using the PROSTRETCH +PLUS, I could barely run a ¼ mile without suffering severe shin pain and having my calf muscles lock up on me.  After using this stretching tool I can now run a 5K again without pain and am training for a 10k race right now.  I’m confident that I can reach my goal of running my first marathon now thanks to incorporating the PROSTRETCH +PLUS into my training routine.

I use the PROSTRETCH +PLUS to stretch out while warming up before a run than post-run I do some exercises on it to help strengthen my leg muscles.  I’ve been hesitant to use weight machines to build up my legs because worried about it causing injury or strain, especially to my Achilles tendon, especially at my age.  This has worked great at strengthening my muscles without putting extra strain on them or bulking them up.  I’ve been very pleased with the PROSTRETCH +PLUS and would recommend it to anyone else suffering from shin splints and weak calves and Achilles tendon issues.

When it first came in the mail the PROSTRETCH +PLUS didn’t look that impressive, just a piece of plastic that rocked, but I’ve had some impressive results from utilizing it on a regular basis.  My wife actually encourage me to start using it after it had been delivered  by commenting that this was the same device her professional physical therapist had her using to strengthen her muscles during her rehab a few years ago from a broken leg.  It is nice to be using what the pros use in the comfort of my own home to overcome my injuries and running challenges.

I had become very frustrated because no one was giving me any good advice on how to overcome my shin splint injuries & problems.  I kept being told to ice and rest my legs to get over the shin splints, but as soon as I’d done that and felt recovered the problem would occur again.  I went through various shoes and compression socks to try and fix the problem, but it only finally it stopped after I started incorporating PROSTRETCH +PLUS into my running warm-up & post workout routine.  Thank you MEDI-DYNE!  I was about to walk away from running again but now this Sunday I’m going to be running a 10k!!!

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DISCLAIMER:   I was provided with a FREE Prostretch +Plus by Medi-Dyne in exchange for doing a review on the product.  The views and opinions in this post though are my own.

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