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Have you ever been annoyed when your favorite television show has gone off the air believing there was more story still to be told?  An example of that for me was the tv show JERICHO – the story of survival in a small Midwestern town after a nuclear attack devastates the United States – that aired on CBS for two seasons.  The drama continued for me when I discovered that IDW published a comic book  that continued the JERICHO story arc in print for what would have gone as seasons 3 & 4 on television.  

In fact, taking cancelled television series with fan bases that are clamoring for more stories and turning them into comic book series that show what a new season what have been like in print rather than through video is becoming somewhat of a new trend.  In addition to IDW’s JERICHO, Darkhorse Comics has published BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Seasons 8 & 9, and DC Comics has come out with SMALLVILLE Season 11 which maintains the continuity of the TV series.  Now IDW is debuting THE X FILES: SEASON 10 hitting retailers on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.

This new X FILES comic book will take off telling the tale of Fox Mulder & Dana Scully immediately following the series finale in Season 9 (disregard the two horrible movies that came out).  They no longer are FBI agents and have gone underground leading lives as normal people yet they still can’t seem to avoid the paranormal.  If you were a fan of the show when it was on TV check out this new comic book that will wind up some loose threads from past stories as it also expands upon the timeline with new adventures that stay true to the X FILES that kept so many people glued to the tube each week during its broadcast run.   To keep the comic book true to its roots, IDW has even brought in THE X FILES creator Chris Carter to serve as the comic’s Executive Producer.

 It’s been 11 years since THE X FILES went off the air and if you are like me many of the details of the show have probably faded in your memory.  Don’t worry though, IGN has posted an excellent article that is a great refresher on everything you need to know about THE X FILES before you flip open issue #1 of Season 10.  Check out the IGN post here:

PREVIEWS WORLD has also posted a nice interview with the creative team working on THE X FILES Season 10 that you can read here:

Plus check out this preview of the first episode of this new series:

Do you believe? For more information visit IDW Publishing's website:

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