Thursday, June 20, 2013

Who is the Chosen One? Pringles "Force for Fun" Contest

Pringles teamed up with Star Wars earlier this year to promote a fun contest where aspiring film makers could submit a video that provides a tie-in between the popular snack chip and the movie franchise.  The winner of The Force for Fun Contest receives a $25,000 prize and their video will be featured as a television advertisement or Pringles.  Entries were due in February and Pringles recently released the top 7 selections by their judges from the numerous entries they received. Check these out:

Wookie Mistake 

Sounds Like A Party 

Darth Visits 

The Delectable Weapon

 Don’t Hold Your Breath

Jim vs Vader


Which one do you like best? Who do you think will be the Chosen One? Pringles has announced it will name the winner at the end of June so we’ll have an answer soon. Good luck to all the finalists and kudos to Pringles for hosting such a great promotion!

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