Saturday, June 22, 2013

Leapin Bedbugs - Check out this new family friendly comic book!

Looking at comic books from the perspective of a dad, Scott Rogers felt that modern day superheroes were too violent, depressing and not really relatable to young children.  So he created stories for SHOOTING STAR COMICS ANTHOLOGY, which was a quarterly collection of  comics by independent artists that ran from 2002-2005, which featured the "Bedbug" in several issues. The Bedbug character is a single-father by day and a crime fighting super hero by night.  Rogers had wanted to expand the Bedbug character into a stand-alone comic book series when Shooting Star Comics concluded its run in 2005, but his focus at the time was on his full-time job as a video game designer (God of War, Maximo, Pac-Man World, among others).  Then fate interceded.

In 2012, Rogers became very ill.  He was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma early this year and told he would need to undergo six months of treatment and have to be on disability from work during that time. While undergoing extensive chemotherapy to keep himself occupied and upbeat, Scott worked on writing, drawing and publishing Issue #1 of Bedbug.  He received some assistance from others in the comic industry along the way, such as Erik Burnham (IDW’s Ghostbusters), Chad Jones (Bluewater’s Wrath of the Titans) and Sam Ellis (the lead illustrator for Archer on cable’s FX) in the scripting and artwork for the comic to get it print ready.  Several months later, Rogers has finished his treatments and the first issue of this brand new comic book.  Bedbug #1 is available for purchase now and Scott will be getting an update on his recovery from his doctor in a few weeks.

Bedbug #1 is a 32 page full-color comic packed with character bios, pin-ups and stories - featuring the NEVER-REVEALED ORIGIN of the leapin lawman.  Crime won't be sleeping tight once they feel the Bedbug's bite!  If you are a parent interested in a superhero adventure suitable for kids of all-ages look for the Bedbug as he battles the forces of evil in Silicon City; that is when he’s not taking care of his young daughter, Elvira.  

Check out a few preview panels from the comic:


Bedbug #1 is priced at $3.99 is available at a select number of specialty comic book retailers in June or you can order a copy online by visiting


  1. That's fantastic! I'm a nanny and the boy that I watch loves Super Heroes, we sometimes play a game I call 'Marvel or DC' in which I call out obscure characters and see if I can stump him (I usually cannot), but after a trip to my comic book store I was surprised that there were no comics for younger children available (I've read graphic novels since I was a teen but never looked for children's comics before). I'll definitely have to order the first issue for him!