Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is the Italian Stallion coming back for a 7th movie?

Word on the street is that Rocky Balboa ( aka Sylvester Stallone ) will be returning to the big screen for his 7th movie appearance.  The upcoming movie though won't be called ROCKY 7 but rather "CREED".  It appears the premise for the movie is that Rocky played by 67 year old Stallone will train Apollo Creed's grandson to be a "fighter".

If you recall Rocky & Apollo duked it out in Rocky 1 & 2, Creed trained Balboa in Rocky 3 to go against Mr T in the ring, and than Apollo was killed by the menacing cold war Russian boxer in Rocky 4 motivating the Italian Stallion to get back in the ring. Than there was the horrible Rocky 5 where the broke mentally impaired Rocky had a street fight with a punk he was training to be a contender followed by Rocky 6 which seems to forget about Rocky 5 ever being made and got  Stallone back in the ring to fight the current heavy weight champ who is mad that a video game ranks Rocky as a better fighter than him.  Balboa loses in Rocky 6 but everyone loves him for putting up a good fight that embarrasses his opponent.  So Rocky 6 made up for the horrible ending that Rocky 5 left the franchise with and most of us thought the Italian Stallion would be put to pasture.

Nope not just yet as Rocky 7 ( aka CREED ) moves forward with production which looks to be the movie Rocky 5 should have been.  What has caught by interest about this new movie is the actor the producers want to portray Apollo Creed's grandson, Michael B. Jordon.  I recognized the name from his role on the tv series "Friday Night Lights" where he did a nice job playing the role of high school quarterback Vince Howard, a troubled youth who becomes a blue chip prospect and state champion.  More recently he has received great reviews for his portrayal of Oscar Grant III in the movie Fruitvale Station. Could this young energetic and charismatic star reinvigorate the Rocky franchise?

What do you think should the Rocky story continue on the big screen or is it time to put it to rest?

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