Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Official - Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Game Launching on September 19, 2013!

Rovio, the publisher of Angry Birds games announced today that it is launching a brand new Star Wars featured one on September 19, 2013.  Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 will have a prequel trilogy theme with over 30 characters from Episodes I - III of the movies to choose from while playing the game.  This time around though, you don't necessarily have to be the good guys as you can choose sides ... you can join the "Pork Side" in this game!  There will be lots of new characters, powers and locations to crash in this sequel (or is it a prequel?) game to the popularly successful Angry Birds: Star Wars which has garnered more than 100 million downloads since in launched last year.

Also taking a cue from the successful Skylanders games by Activision this new Angry Bird game will also feature in partnership with Hasbro introducing a new element called Telepods.  Hasbro will create a line of 30 Star Wars Telepod toy figures that you can scan into the game through your phone or tablet camera so that you can select which characters to use based upon the figurines you have purchased.  My kids aren't into Skylanders but from talking to the parents of some of their friends these are a very popular mix of video games with toys with many children. Skylanders are toy action figures that you purchase and than can scan them into action adventure video games as characters in the game play. They give collectors some control over which characters they incorporate into their games. This element seems very interesting but a side of me also goes oh no cha ching more dough my kids are going to want to spend from my wallet.  Of course, I have to admit if the figures and game are cool enough it might be their geek dad pushing the purchase of a Telepod collection.

Check out this video for more information or visit the Rovio blog:

For those of us playing the current Angry Birds: Star Wars game, Rovio also announced that it will soon be coming out with  RETURN OF THE JEDI updates containing locations and characters from that movie for the existing app.  I foresee Jabba and Ewoks piggies & birdies crashing into the original game in the next few weeks.  Earlier this year Rovio expanded on the game by adding characters from Empire Strikes Back to those already in the game from A New Hope. Obviously a Return of the Jedi update had to be in the works at some point too going with the original trilogy theme of this game.

If you haven't played Angry Birds: Star Wars yet than you might want to download it now as it FREE  for a limited time for Iphone/Ipad & Android users.  I've posted the links in this previous article:

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