Sunday, August 18, 2013

Star Wars with a THE

The story that George Lucas originally presented to producers and studio executives was very different than the movie that hit theaters in 1977.  Lucas's rough draft screen play was more like a combination of the "first" three movies that eventually came out as "prequels" after the original Star Wars: Episode IV blockbuster that introduced us to characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo from a galaxy far far away.  His original screenplay focused on the adventures of a young Annikin Starkiller who is assisted in his exploits to tackle the evil Empire by an elderly general named Luke Skywalker and an alien lizard creature named Han Solo... oh and among other differences there aren't light sabers but rather "lazer swords" in this version.

Now Dark Horse Comics is adapting George Lucas's original screenplay to an 8-issue comic book mini series.  Titled "The Star Wars" the first issue goes on sale September 4th:

This is the first time that "The Star Wars" story has been shared outside the inner circle of 20th Century Fox and Lucas Film executives.  What a fun treat it will be for Star Wars fans to enjoy a different take on a familiar story.  This is the first time George Lucas has licensed the telling of his first story script and it is pretty interesting that he is having it done in the visual medium of a comic book.  In a nod to maintaining the original "feel" & "spirit" of the screenplay, Dark Horse has announced that the artists working on this project are going to base their work and model it off Ralph McQuarrie's Star Wars concepts.  McQuarrie created the original concept art for Star Wars that Lucas used for pitching and producing the movie.  Unfortunately, McQuarrie (who is one of my favorite science fiction artists) passed away in 2012.  Read my post on a "SciFi Visionary".

Can't wait until Sept 4 to get a look at "The Star Wars"? OK here's a sneak peek for you:

 Based on successful sales it also makes you wonder if they might continue "The" story in a new stand alone comic series after the original story is concluded.  So are you interested in a new take on the Star Wars universe or would you prefer to just stick with to one ad portrayed in the movies? What are your thoughts on this new ( or maybe we should say "old") Star Wars project?

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