Friday, August 9, 2013

The Filibuster of all Filibusters: Patton Oswalt's Appearance on "Parks & Recreations"

I'll always think of actor/comedian Patton Oswalt as the character "Spence" from one of my favorite tv shows King of Queens.  He's had a lot of fan fare this year for another role though, his portrayal of "Angry Citizen" in an episode of NBC's Parks and Recreation.  In this appearance, to try and stop a vote by the Pawnee City Council he does a citizen filibuster.  The show's producer's told Oswalt to just wing it for what he said during the filibuster scene so he did an off the cuff one take oratory on his thoughts of what the new upcoming Star Wars Episode 7 should be about .. the scene's funny but also pretty impressive in that he just talked about what popped into his head and kept it going for the entire take with detailed information about the Star Wars and Marvel universes as he carefully packages them together as commonly owned Disney studios properties too.  Check out Oswalt's Filibuster from Parks & Recreation:

This scene has taken on new life now, as The Nerdist reports that fans of the Parks & Recreation clip are creating animated versions of Oswalt's movie vision.  Check out these fan animations of "The Filibuster" ...which one is your favorite?

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