Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure: a PaperCutz Fairy Tale

There is only one thing that trumps Disney Princesses when it comes to my daughter and that is Tinker Bell and her troupe of Disney Fairies. We have all of the DVD movies featuring the Disney Fairies and what is nice about them is my son gets as engrossed in watching them as my little girl.  These are great movies because they are entertaining for our kids and have content that as parents we don’t have to worry about being appropriate for our children to view. 

My kids are always asking to watch the Tinker Bell DVDs, but I don’t want them watching too much television.  So I was glad to see that the comic book publisher PAPERCUTZ has provided a great alternative, graphic novel adaptation of the Tinker Bell & the Disney Fairies movies.  Whether it’s for a bed time story, taking along to read in the car during a family road trip or to snuggle up with on a rainy day, my children can now enjoy the movies without watching more TV.  Another bonus is that these comics promote an enjoyment of reading and appreciation of art by having the kids flip through its pages following the adventures of a character they love and a story they are already familiar with.

TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE, the comic book adaption of the Disney Fairy animated movie of the same name, went on sale August 13, 2013.  Fairy-fans the world over know that Tinker Bell is the best there is at what she does — and what she does is fix things. In this story though, Tink may have a job that’s too big even for her: a broken moonstone that powers the Pixie Dust Tree itself. This volume of PaperCutz’s Disney Fairies also features the comic book debut of a fan favorite, Blaze the firefly. The incredible quest that follows is an adventure like none we’ve ever seen before in Pixie Hollow.  Whether you’ve seen the movie or not children, and parents, will enjoy reading through this story.

Tinker Bell & the Lost Treasure is Volume 12 of the Disney Fairy graphic novel collection which includes adaptations of the DVD movies as well as standalone Tinker Bell stories drafted and illustrated by the PaperCutz creative team.  CLICK HERE to view a listing of their entire lineup of Disney Fairy comics.  Volume 13 will go on sale in December, just in time for Christmas, and will be based upon the newest Disney Fairies movie Tinker Bell & the Pixie Hollow Games.  We have this movie on my iPad and take it with us to keep the kids distracted at places like the doctor’s office waiting room.  I’m sure a paperback version of this movie too will come in handy!

I have to compliment PaperCutz on the illustrations and layout of the Tinker Bell & the Lost Treasure graphic novel.  The script bubbles and other text are spread out so it doesn’t overwhelm the artwork.  The artwork itself is great.  The illustrations are bright, colorful, and pop off the page at you … it is like they took movie animation cells and transferred them into this book.  The artist behind these images is named Manuela Razzi and I guess you could say drawing sprites is a niche for her because she also illustrates another PaperCutz story line called SYBIL THE BACKPACK FAIRY.  If your children enjoy Tinker Bell you may want to check out this other magical pixie series. Take a look at her great artwork in Tinker Bell & the Lost Treasure:


Tinker Bell & the Lost Treasure is a 64 page paperback book that is reasonably priced at $8.  You can order it online directly fromPaperCutz or pick it up from your favorite comic book retailer.  It is recommend for children ages 6 – 11 though my 4 ½ year old children love flipping through the book and having me read it to them and I caught my wife snuggled up on the coach reading it by herself the other night.  I’d encourage you to pick up this read for the young children in your life, especially if your family has a little princess in it like we do.

Had you heard of PaperCutz before? I first discovered them when we picked up a few of their titles for my kids during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, and was impressed by what we brought home.  Papercutz is the largest standalone publisher exclusively dedicated to children’s graphic novels, with books available at all major retailers, bookstores, and comic book stores, and e-books available on comiXologyComics+, and all e-reader devices.  Papercutz graphic novels and comic books cover a wide range of genres, reading levels, and favorite characters including The Smurfs, LEGO® Ninjago, Geronimo Stilton, Nancy Drew, and many more including of course Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies.  Whether your kids are in preschool or high school PaperCutz has something that will catch their interest.  

DISCLAIMER:  I received a complimentary paperback copy of Tinker Bell & The Lost Treasure graphic novel to review (see picture at the top of this article).  The thoughts and opinions in this post though are my own.

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