Sunday, December 8, 2013

Buy a GREAT Christmas Gift to help a GREAT Cause

Have you heard of the SIERRA CLUB? Founded in 1892 to help protect the lands that eventually became Yosemite National Park from exploitation and development, the group is now America's largest environmental group with a focus on preventing pollution and promoting conservation of our environment.  We've been members of the SIERRA CLUB for several years because our family supports their mission of promoting responsible stewardship of natural resources and the preservation of "wild places".    

Are you still looking for Christmas presents this year?  If so, how about adopting a wild animal through the SIERRA CLUB?  You can purchase an adaption kit through the Club for a wide variety of animals ranging from alligators, to bats, to tarantulas or polar bears for a reasonable price.  The kits include either a plush toy or puppet, an adaption certificate, a color picture of the real animal, information sheet about the animal, and a letter of recognition for supporting the natural habitat of the animal selected through your donation.  Adaption kits start out at $25 (I've seen these same puppets and toys at stores and zoo gift shops priced more than that) and proceeds support the SIERRA CLUB's efforts to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats. 

According to the SIERRA CLUB 83% of your donation will go directly to benefit the Club's conservation programs, including those that preserve and protect wild spaces.

The TARANTULA puppet is one of my favorite selections you can pick from this year.  The BAT puppet and ELK plush are also pretty unique and cool items you can purchase as well.  My daughters preference though is for the LYNX and my son's favorite is the ALLIGATOR.

How is the SIERRA CLUB helping these animals through the donations it receives through these adaption kits? In regard to ALLIGATORS for example they are  working to restore fresh water flows from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay - critical to keeping most of the Everglades above water - the Club has also played a leadership role in initiatives to elevate roads, remove unnecessary canals and buy land needed to clean, store and move the water downstream. The goal is to build resilience in the ecosystem so that native species like the alligator can survive.

For more information about ADOPTING A WILD ANIMAL and SUPPORTING THE SIERRA CLUB visit: 

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