Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Adventure: ELFQUEST "The Final Quest"

The Wolf Riders are back - the first new adventures of the elves of ElfQuest to be published in eight years start this week with the release by Dark Horse Comics of a series titled ELFQUEST: THE FINAL QUEST.  Created by Wendy & Richard Pini in 1978, the ElfQuest stories follow the adventures of Cutter and his band of elves on an Earth-like planet called the World of Two Moons.  The elves battle against pre-civilized humans who think of them as "evil spirits" and trolls who want to either enslave them or eat them depending on the circumstances.  The stories that have spanned over the last 35 years have focused on Cutter's band of Wolf Riders looking for the magical palace of their ancestors and along that journey discovering new brethren tribes of elves with unique characteristics and mysterious secrets about their origins.

Wendy Pini's ElfQuest illustrations have a  magical context to them that really emphasizes the artistic quality of artwork in the comic medium.  The stories are a little mature for elementary aged children with themes that include sex and violence, but I remember being engrossed by the mythical and mystical elements reading these stories in middle school.  ElfQuest is a great adventure to enjoy that I would recommend for someone who may be a tween or older that enjoys science fiction / fantasy stories.

What is really GREAT is you can read ALL of the ElfQuest stories that take place before this new Dark Horse Comics series for FREE at  That's more than 6,500 pages of material to peruse.  If you've enjoyed the stories in the past, this is a great opportunity to go back to read them again and if you've never read ElfQuest before you can see everything online to review if it may be appropriate for your child to read or if you enjoy the characters and plots enough to purchase THE FINAL QUEST. The website also has a Prologue that is available to download for FREE that kicks off the story line for the new THE FINAL QUEST series.

Dark Horse Comics will be publishing monthly issues of THE FINAL QUEST starting January 2014 that will be available in print form from local retailers or in digital format via the publisher's website prices at $3.50.  Dark Horse also has a couple page preview of ISSUE #1 on their website, check it out at:

I haven't read the new series yet, but plan on picking up #1 today for myself.  Here's Dark Horse's summary of this new comic book series for the ElfQuest franchise:


The Wolfriders' chief, Cutter, knows that change is coming. His tribe's proximity to the Palace of the High Ones, a mysterious and magical oasis, makes this inevitable. As Cutter's daughter Ember, chief of her own tribe, shares her father's efforts to preserve the old ways amongst their kin, the human tyrant, Angrif Djun, ascends the mountain her clan call home and rocks the foundation of their peaceful existence.
* Winner of the Golden Pen Award from the Young Adult Advisory Committee!
* Brand-new Elfquest art and adventures!
* Includes Elfquest extras from past and present!

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