Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cedar Point adds High Flying Thrill Ride to Amusement Park Lineup for 2014

Living in Metro Detroit for a vast majority of my life, I've been to Cedar Point more times than I can count...well at least more than I have digits on my fingers and toes.  This amusement park located on Ohio's Lake Erie shoreline between Toledo and Cleveland had developed from a regional attraction when I was a kid to a national/international destination for thrill ride seekers.  Cedar Point, located in Sandusky Ohio, has been voted "Best Amusement Park in the World" by the industry professionals who subscribe to the highly respected Amusement Today trade publication for 16 consecutive years now.  They've earned this reputation by becoming known for constantly adding new and exciting thrill rides, especially roller coasters, to Cedar Point's lineup of attractions.  2014 will be no exception with 3 new rides being added to the amusement park, the Slingshot, Pipe Scream, and Lake Erie Eagles.

The Slingshot which will be opening later this summer is an exciting vertical thrill ride that secures riders into an open-air, two-person before being launched 360 feet into the air at speeds up to 62 miles per hour.  After reaching the ride's initial peak, riders will experience a brief feeling of weightlessness, before descending back to Earth, than repeatedly catapulting back up and down until the capsule eventually comes to a final rest at its launching point. Here's a promotional video promoting the Slingshot to amusement park operators:


A new roller coaster will be at Cedar Point to greet people in May when the park opens for its 2014 Season called the Pipe Scream.  What is neat about this coaster is that the cart you are riding in spins as you are coasting along the tracks.  It is like a combination of a spin ride, pirate ship rocker, and roller coaster combined into one fun ride.  The Pipe Scream will rock and roll you over 302 feet of track, flying 43 feet above the ground at 43 miles per hour.

Also debuting in May 2014 will be the Lake Erie Eagles where riders are suspended 28 feet in the air from suspension arms in one of eight "eagles".  As  the ride spins, the eagles will swing outward and allow riders to control their flight experience from mild to wild.

In addition to the new rides, Cedar Point is also adding a new eatery to the amusement park, a sports bar I haven't heard of called CHICKIE'S & PETE'S but USA TODAY recently named it one of the "Ten Best Sports Bars" in the country.  The menu will include Lisa's Blonde Lobster Pie and Crabfries which both sound tremendous and are making my mouth water as I type this post up.  I'm really looking forward to checking out CHICKIE & PETE's as well as all the new thrill rides being introduced this year at Cedar Point.

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